UPDATE: – The Washington Football Club 2014
By: – Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter
The Washington Football Club’s “R-skin” name has imposed pain and suffering on the First Nation/Native American Communities. Changing the name, starting in our nation’s capitol, can lead the way to change the course of racial diversity, understanding, and create ethnic peace throughout the United States.
The previous owner of this team already changed the name for profit, by moving to another stadium In Boston, Massachusetts and adopting their name. They made profit by hiring a Native American as the team’s head coach that was not really a Native American for a side show.
Now the present owner Dan Snyder MIGHT change the name if the National Football League grants the Washington Football Club a Super Bowl in the near future.
Mr. Dan Snyder MIGHT change the name if he is guaranteed a sell out every game and a 2.1 billion dollar guarantee of selling his new team (GEAR) name hats, shirts, uniforms, and other items.
Mr. Snyder will profit by moving back into the city limits of Washington D.C. in a new modern stadium.
Let’s review…
Here is the short term definition of the name:
Noun Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive.
A North American Indian.
This is the long American cowboy version of the name’s origin:-
For those who do not know, during the days of the old American West, cowboys received rewards for bringing back animals that they had killed. However, they could not bring back the whole animal due to the lack of space. Therefore hunters and trappers would bring back the fur pelts, skin pelts, or heads.
This practice led to bringing back the scalps of Indians during the Indian Wars to prove the number of kills. Remember head wounds bleed more than any other body wounds thus…., the current name of the Washington Football Club.
In 1932 the Boston Braves Football Club became the Boston “R-word” (Redskins) Football Club because the owner George Preston Marshall did not want his team to be confused with the Boston Braves baseball team. It was changed to sell more football paraphernalia
The team moved to Washington in 1937 with their new name. This organization became the flagship football team of the old Dixie, yes The old South and harbored some of the Rebel, racial attitudes. It was the last team to hire an African American who played flanker, and wide receiver, Bobby Mitchell. He was traded by the Cleveland Browns to The Washington Club in the 1961-62. Mitchell became the first Black executive in the Washington Football Organization in 1969-1970.
President John F. Kennedy, the District of Columbia, and the National Football League executive officers threatened to evict the team from D.C. Stadium- Memorial Stadium-Robert F. Kennedy Stadium if the club continued its practice of discrimination.
This is George Preston Marshall’s version of the name change from the Boston Braves to the Boston Redskins. Marshall tried to piggy-backing on two baseball team’s name in 1932. The Newark, New Jersey football team called the Tornadoes went out of business and the league sold them to laundry millionaire Marshall at a very low price.
Meanwhile The Boston Braves baseball team took the name of the Native American New York street operatives called Braves, Marshall’s football team moved from Braves Field into Fenway Park. Marshall took the Braves name with him but in the newspapers the football team and the baseball team got labeled as one entity. This did not set well with George Preston Marshall he wanted to extend a hand of friendship to the Boston Red Soxs buy renaming his team the Red-Skins. At least this is Marshall’s version of the name change.
The football team hired a Native American as its head coach. Lone Star Dietz, who stole the name of another Native American named One Star Dietz. So the circus that Marshall planned failed and he did not hire another minority until 1962.
Marshall was a stanch segregationist and made it known so the Dietz hiring was an anomaly and was only for profit motives
The Washington Football Club still insists that money as the problem for not changing their name. The Washington Bullets basketball team changed their name to the Washington Wizards in 1995-96.
The National Basketball Association Bullets changed their name after the high murder rate in the District of Columbia that claimed young African American lives. So The Football Club’s issue of money is now null and void especially with the Wizards claim to national fame. Michael Jordan also helped. The Football Club’s original name was the Boston Braves. All the football teams of the 1920’s and 30’s shared names and logos with their baseball breathern.
If they changed their name; those who follow the team would invest in new Washington gear the next football season, Mr. Snyder would be swimming in GREEN,
Consider this, team names like: The Houston Honkies, The Chicago Chinks, The Nashville Niggers, The Washington Wasps, The Washington State Wetbacks, The Sacramento Savages, The Georgetown Gooks, The Jacksonville Jews, The Richmond Ragheads, The Kentucky Kikes, The Toronto Towel Heads, or The Portland Porch Monkeys..
Does not sound good does it?
America lets this pejorative to be uttered every Monday night, Thursday night, Sunday afternoons, and Sunday nights on the radio and television.
Let’s backtrack again to the 1970-1980’s debate. The battle began at Dartmouth College, now Dartmouth University. Their original name at the time (Indians) and they changed it to “THE BIG GREEN” in 1968-1969, after a long protracted campus demonstration by Native American Indians.
The Dartmouth University student body, and the school administration with the help of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). The change occurred peacefully.
Three years later on the West Coast, the Stanford University (Indians) followed in the footsteps of Dartmouth when they changed their name to “THE CARDINAL” or “TREE”. The students, administration, and teachers admired the Native American Protest on Alcatraz Island in 1972-74.
This protest on Alcatraz Island reminded Americans about the sad and destructive predicament of Native American citizens. The Native American Indian communities are located outside of most modern American cities. They live on reservations with little or no incentives to move. These communities have the highest drug and alcohol abuse and the lowest job rate in the United States. Education is not a high priority list on the reservations so few graduate and enter college. So the cycle continues.
The following list reflects some of the psychological and physical effects of using negative images of Native American mascots, nicknames, and logos:
1) The misconceived and self-serving concept of having Native American mascots in American houses of learning is dehumanizing and perpetuates inaccurate stereotypes. Native American children are learning that their ancestors were wild and untamed humans. This warlike, violent behavior is often portrayed by most American media. Just watch old black and white cowboy movies. We all know who the heroes are. The American Indians often are the ones that are defeated and shamed.
2) The United States Department of Justice stated that poor people in America are impacted more by violent crimes. Native Americans/First Nations are twice as likely to be a victim of violent crime.
3) Most sports figures or teams have their own rituals, battle cries, even imitating real battles and real wars. It use to be at the beginning of every University of Illinois basketball game, or a Florida State University football game a male dresses in Native American warrior gear and rides out on his trusty horse. The Seminole rider gallops across the football field with a flaming spear in his hand, throwing it into the ground at the 50-yard line, thus signaling the beginning of the game. While in Champagne-Urbana the warrior would dance in the middle of the floor to Native American/First Nations Music. This ritual is done time and time again. This act perpetuates the stereotype of violent savage behavior by the Native Americans/First Nations communities.
4) The cartoon-like characterization of mascots, i.e. Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians who dons the sleeves and hats of the Midwest baseball team. This mechanism is well known and often used during times of war to dehumanize an enemy. The result allows the entity portraying said stereotypes to further trivialize the concerns of the one being portrayed and simultaneously helps protect self-esteem by relieving guilt feelings.
This was also done to African Americans after the Civil War, in books, songs, and poems, throughout post Civil War America. The examples portray African Americans as nappy headed shiftless, shady, and lazy people, Native Americans are portrayed as wild human beasts screaming into battle and cannot be tamed, Asian Americans as very smart. These are all stereotypes used for mascots, nicknames, and logos.
5) Even the concept of having mascots or nicknames may be, in reality, an ego defense. Thus, the honoring of Native Americans, African Americans, or Asian Americans, could protect one from facing the real facts of past genocidal horrors inflicted on the very individuals they are honoring. The Cleveland Indians and the Washington Football Clubs are classic examples of this behavior.
6) Having Native or African American mascots freezes time in a period one is more conformable with, never wanting to know, or never wanting to see the truth of past historical events. America has continuously run away from historical facts while trying to sugar coat horrendous events. An example was General Armstrong Custer’s last stand in South Dakota. Native American Indians/First Nations defended their dwindling lands in this famous battle. Custer remains a hero today while thousands of American Indians/ First Nations were killed routinely in the flatlands out west just as African Americans are being slain each day in the inner city today.
7) The lack of political power, monetary power, and social power, to demand the removal of these mascots maintain the status quo of institutionalized racism at college campuses and at the professional levels. The Washington Football Club has repeatedly visited our Court system the past 10 years using it to maintain their right to keep their name.
As a Native American-African American watching college sports teams like Florida State University Seminoles, The San Diego State Aztecs, The Chattanooga Moccasins, The University of Utah Utes, and The Central Michigan Chippewas made Native Americans proud because they represented one tribe, one nation, unlike the Golden State Warriors, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, and The Washington Football Club who represented a amalgamation of a non generic group.
The future looked promising with the dismantling of Native American mascots throughout America. The University of North Dakota FIGHTING SIOUX removed their logo from all sports uniforms. UND, hockey team visits the “Frozen Four” college hockey’s final four many times.
The Marquette University Warriors in 1972 abandoned the “Willie Wampum” mascot and in the 1994-95 season changed their name to the “Golden Eagles”. The University of Saint John’s “Redmen” also changed their name to “Red Storm” in 1990. The Redmen name had nothing to do with Native Americans; it was a group of men who wore red coats around campus in a social club. The schools administration was so concerned about the Native American backlash and changed the name.
All of these fine universities and colleges are making a good faith effort to respect and honor Native Americans leaving many to question why the professional teams cannot follow suit?
The Atlanta Braves have made progress dropping all references to the Indian Head logo on their sleeves in 2008-09 and Chief Knock-A-Homa from their program in 1980. Chief Knock-A-Homa would dance after every Atlanta Braves home run, but fans of the Braves still maintain the Tomahawk Chop which no Native American Indian/First Nation waved their hands like that.
Again, this is America being insensitive to Native Americans. The Atlanta Braves continue to move forward in 2014 with the public statement that they will not wear the Screaming Indian logo caps during this season.
The Golden State Warriors basketball teams have dropped all references to Native American Indian/ First Nation and have donned the new logo of the new Bay Bridge.
Tribal leader Charlene Teters makes it clear. Cleveland is the home of the most offensive racial icon in the country,” Charlene Teters, an artist and founding board member of the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media, said during a demonstration outside Progressive Field on Opening Day 2010. “Don’t insult my intelligence telling me this honors me . . . It is ‘Little Red Sambo.'”
The Cleveland Indians can keep their history but retire Chief Wahoo forever. The mental thought and attitude by the administrations of these teams have to change in Washington and Cleveland in order for these logos and mascots to be retired.
All Americans should help our Native American/First Nations brothers and sisters in this battle for respect and honor.
Activist Amanda Blackhorse has also been in battle with the Washington Football Club and the National Football League. Blackhorse, a Navajo and psychiatric social worker, is the named plaintiff in the case known as Blackhorse et al v. Pro-Football Inc., the lawsuit filed by five Native Americans. The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to cancel the trademark of the Washington Redskins could be the turning point in this 80 year conflict.
The last time the Washington Football Club and Dan Snyder appealed this case. It took the courts eight years to settle the disagreement. It will not take that long this time because America is watching. In the meantime Roger Goodell distanced himself from the conversation by stating that it’s Dan Snyder’s decision.
The walls are closing in on the Washington Football Club, The National Football League, and Dan Snyder.
The National Football League apparently knows that the ‘R’ name is incorrect because they have changed the schedule of the most contentious rivalry in the NFC East. The Washington Football Club versus The Dallas Cowboys. The league hides this game to the early or late part of the season when the game mean nothing and nobody cares.
The traditional Thanksgiving Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington stopped after the American Indian political and social movement of the middle 1970’s started.
The League can no longer hide this team because the Washington Football Club has improved. The last two years when the Burgundy and Gold have played on the road there have been morning protests before each game.
The last protest this year will be at FedEx Field in Landover, Washington on December 27, 2014, Home of the Washington Football Club. What a nice New Year’s present for owner Dan Snyder.
Here is a novel idea, The Washington Football Club could return to their original name, The Braves if the Atlanta Braves released their naming rights. This would give incentives for other professional teams to follow.
It’s not the colors, it’s not the logo, actually the logo is very majestic and noble the Washington Football Club should retain it. But the “R-Word” has to take a permanent vacation…
Please read about the former sports mascots and help (AISTM) American Indian Sports Team Mascots and The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). Some of the information in this article comes from both NCAI and AISTM web sites and I would like to thank them for the use of this information.
P.S. The University of North Dakota put their logo back on their sports jersey in 2009-10 after a long legal battle. In 2012 The University Administration Board changed its mind. Maybe the fact that their school could not play in any national tournament might have something to do with it.
On December 8, 2014 Capital High School and the Oklahoma City School Board dismissed the school’s mascot by an 8-0 vote. Four percent of the student population are Native American.
It is interesting to note that 80% of high schools and 75% of colleges have dropped Native American Indian/First Nation logs and mascots. Maybe the Federal government monies given to them had something to do with the schools and universities relinquishing these names.
The fight continues at Salmon High School, Salmon, Idaho where the mascot was dropped but the name remains in 1999. The Salmon School Board was threatened by the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media with a $100,000 lawsuit if they did not change the school’s mascot, the Savages. Members of the coalition stated that Indian mascots were derogatory especially since the name was Savages. After discussions with the board, the group decided to focus only on changing the mascot. The school board ultimately chose to get rid of the logo because it would cost more than $100,000 to fight the issue in court.
Yours truly had a week long battle on with Salmon High School Students and Alum about this very issue years ago. Many Salmon residents still don’t get it. The NCRSM did not go far enough they should have requested a name change as well.
Go to the web site at “”…To know more about the Salmon, Idaho High School logo and mascot battle.
With each passing week another high school in America drops its “Redskin” name. The pressure is mounting on the Washington Football Club to change the name and the Cleveland Indians to change the mascot.
The Washington Football Club will be moving into their new stadium in the coming years and Washington, D.C.’s Mayor Vincent C. Gray (No relations) has stated that there will be more serious discussions about the Football Club’s name before re-entering the city.
The Congressional Black Caucus has also suggested the Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club change its name in 2013.
Even President Barack Obama has weighed in on the subject on a 60 Minutes News Magazine broadcast in 2014. That if the name offended a group of Americans that it should be changed.
The Washington Football Team should lead the way and Do The Right Thing.
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist.,
©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod



By:-Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

This week’s games
New York Jets vs. Minnesota
San Francisco vs. Oakland
Seattle vs. Philadelphia
Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
Tampa Bay vs. Detroit
New York Football Giants vs. Tennessee
Baltimore vs. Miami
Carolina vs. New Orleans
St. Louis vs. Washington Football Club
Houston vs. Jacksonville
Buffalo vs. Denver
* Black Quarterbacks-
*1) 9-4 Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks-
Field General Russell Wilson went back east to Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love and dominated the Eagles in the second half. The Hawks are still in the hunt for the NFC West Title and look like the team of a year ago with three games to go.

Wilson (22-37 for 234 yards and two touchdowns) struggled the first half before he corrected the Hawks flight pattern. He also ran like “The Flash” for a touchdown in the second quarter which turned the tide for the Aqua Birds. Seattle kept the Green Birds off the field by holding the ball for over 41 minutes.

The Seahawks defense slowed down the run and gun offense of Philadelphia in the first half by aggressively attacking the offensive line. The Seattle defense limited the Eagle offense to a season’s low of 139 total yards. The Legion of Doom smothered the Eagle receivers and bumped them off of their routes so Sanchez could not complete his passes.
Seattle win 24-14

*2) 7-6 Colin Kaepernick- San Francisco 49ers-
In The Battle of The Bay “The Niners” did not show up. Now this team has lost two games in a row for the first time under the four year Harbaugh régime.
What is going on with this team? They are breaking down in every department and looking bad doing it. Their team spirit seems to have been broken. The Niners were dominated right from the start of the game.

This team played flat and made too many mistakes. Kaepernick (18-33 for 174 yards with one touchdown, two interceptions and three sacks) cannot get this team into rhythm and stride. The first play from scrimmage was an interception and that set the tone for the rest of the game. They have not scored a fourth quarter touchdown and it has hurt the Niner playoff run.

Vernon Davis showed up for the first time in months with some power running after the catch but it was not enough. The Cherry and Gold even tried Frank Gore( 12 carries for 63 yards) in the first half. That worked for awhile until the Black and Silver started plugging the defensive holes.
This loss put San Francisco on the brink of playoffs elimination with a very difficult schedule.

The front office, Head Coach Harbaugh, and Colin Kaepernick are going to have to have a meeting this week or this team could lose six games in a row
Raiders win 24-13

*3) 5-4 Teddy Bridgewater-Minnesota Vikings-
With each passing week there is improvement in this young quarterback. This could be the quarterback of the future in Minneapolis. Bridgewater ( 19-27 309 yards with two touchdowns and one interception) can be seen looking at game films, tape, and photos in between Viking possessions.

Teddy Bridgewater has a respect for the game like The Field General in the Great Northwest, Russell Wilson. Bridgewater is taller and bigger than Wilson so the future is bright for the Minnesota Vikings. I’m going to start calling him “Purple Thunder” because of his arm strength.

The defense helped with an interception by Gerald Hodges for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage. This seems to be the theme of the fourteenth weekend of games.

The Vikings win on a screen pass for an 80 yard walk off touchdown by Bridgewater to Wright.
Vikings win in overtime 30-24

*4) 2-2 E.J. Manuel-Buffalo Bills-DID NOT PLAY

*5) 3-8-1 Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers-
The Carolina Panthers woke up at the right time as they traveled to the Big Easy and put a beat down on the New Orleans Saints. It was 17-0 before the fans could warm their seats and it did not get any better for the Black and Gold. Newton looked like the old Cam and ran for his longest gain of the year in the first quarter for 29 yards. He rushed for a total of 83 yards and a touchdown.

A fight broke out when Cam Newton (21-33 for 226 yards and three touchdowns) scored the Panthers second touchdown as Cam flashed his Superman sign. The Saints did not like that and started pushing and shoving which lead to fist swinging on both sides. This incident motivated the Cats to score more and they did with a total of 250 yards in the first half.

The Saints seemed like they were somewhere else making so many mental mistakes with the Panthers capitalizing on most of them.

Monday morning Mr. Newton was involved in a car accident when his truck rolled over a few times.
Carolina wins 41-10

*6) 1-9 Geno Smith- New York Jets-
This game went into overtime as these two teams played even most of the way. Both teams also played a sloppy football game with numerous mistakes. Geno Smith could not get help from the Jet defense in the second half. He did not help himself either with the first play of the day was an interception.

Wide reciever, Percy Harvin (6 receptions for 124 yards and one touchdown) returns to Minnesota and created a big game as he scores a touchdown in the first half and helps the Jets offense. Geno Smith ran for 29 yards to get New York in field goal range with 23 seconds left. Nick Folk ties the game at 24 each with 44 yard field goal.
This was Smith’s (18-21 for 254 yards with one touchdown and one interception) second great game in a row but it was not enough and the Jets lose again. Smith has cut down on his mistakes in the team and plays so much better.

This could be the end of head coach Rex Ryan in New York with 2-11 record.
Vikings win in overtime 30-24

*7) 1-2 Michael Vick- New York Jets- DID NOT PLAY

*8) 0-4 Robert Griffin III- The Washington Football Club-DID NOT PLAY
This team is awful losing to the St. Louis Rams 24-0, gaining only 204 yards. The Younger Gruden kept Griffin out of the game until the fourth quarter.

Griffin went 3-4 for 33 yards and one sack. The fans are not happy and there will be some changes again in Washington D.C. The battle between the head coach, the star Black quarterback, and the owner continues. Somebody will be leaving FedEx Field at the end of this season.
I AM NOT A MASCOT- CHANGE THE NAME- CHANGE THE MASCOT- and maybe the team would start winning.
Also PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX until this company stops supporting Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Club’s team name. The corporate name of FedEx should be removed from the stadium.
TOTAL 28-41-1 WEEK 3-2
Black Head Coaches- 4
8-5 Mike Tomlin- Pittsburgh Steelers-
Pittsburgh can be counted on to mess up things. They did just that putting a hurting on the Cincinnati Bengals.

LeVon Bell did just that ringing the Cats bell over and over again. He was the star of this game with had 6 catches for 50 yards with another 185 yards rushing on 26 carries and one touchdown.

Pittsburgh got back into the AFC north division race with an impressive victory in The Jungle.

The New Steel Curtin may still have some issues but linemen Arthur Moots at a critical point of the game recovered a fumble for the Steelers.
Big Ben Roethlisberger (25-39 for 360 yards and three touchdowns) guided his team within a half game of the Bengals. It should be a very interesting end to this season with three games left. The Halloween Cats will come to Pittsburgh the last game of the year. That could be for the AFC North Crown.
Steelers win 42-21

9-4 Mr. Caldwell- Detroit Lions-
People better wake up because the Blue and Silver cats are for real. They have a head coach that has taught them defense through discipline and its working. They are still one game behind the Green Bay Packers.

The Lions are not making the dumb mistakes they made years ago. The Defensive line could be the most feared in the league now. Nobody wants to play in Detroit anymore.

It must be nice to have the best wide receiver in the NFL, Calvin Johnson (8 catches for 158 yards and one touchdown) as he helped his quarterback being a big tall target.

Matthew Stafford (24-36 for 311 yards and three touchdowns) played well and did not go outside his comfort zone and that’s been the key to the Lion victory.
Lions Win 34-17
8-4-1 Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals-
The Halloween Cats had control of their destiny and they let it slip away. This team has lost two game in a row against division rivals by 21 points or more. The Bengals made too many mistakes to win this game. Quarterback Darren Dalton (21-29 for 302 yards and two touchdown) did not show up with a fumble and interception. Dalton cannot continue this hot and cold streak. He ran for another Cincinnati touchdown when the game was already decided.
A.J. Green was the only bright spot in this game with his 81 yard touchdown catch.
Steelers win 42-21

4-8-1 Ron Rivera- Carolina Panthers-Latin Head Coach-SEE ABOVE
Carolina Wins 41-10

2-11 Lovie Smith- Tampa Bay Buccaneers-
Lovie Smith joins five teams with a 2-11 record the most since 2001. Tampa Bay was officially eliminated from any playoff race. The Bucs are a work in progress and Mr. Smith has this team on the right track. Does it not seem strange that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders were in the Super Bowl in 2002 twelve years ago and both teams have 2-11 record this year with both teams are rebuilding with a young quarterback. It maybe a race to see which team returns to the playoffs again.

The star for the Bucs in this game was wide receiver Mike Evans who got four receptions for 45 yards and two touchdowns. Josh McCown was under siege the whole game in fact McCown has been under siege the whole season. The Tampa Bay Bucs have to find linemen to defend and protect McCown.
Lions win 34-17
TOTAL 31-33-2 WEEK 3-3
Black General Managers-6
9-4 Detroit Lion Martin Mayhew- SEE ABOVE
Lions win 34-17

8-5 Baltimore Raven Ozzie Newsome-
It was a very warm day in Miami, Florida at the start of the game it was 64 degrees and the Ravens kept the Dolphins defense on the field. Miami could be up to their old tricks wearing their white uniforms. It worked because in the fourth quarter the Fish could not stop the Purple Birds.

Quarterback Joe Flacco(25-33 for 269 yards with two touchdowns and one interception) earned his money on this day. Justin Forsett (13 carries for 71 yards and one touchdown) helped his quarterback by running the Dolphins into the ground with an average of six yards per carry.

The Purple Birds are right in the thick of the playoff race in the AFC North division within a half game of the Cincinnati Bengals with three games to play.
Ravens win 28-13

7-6 Buffalo Bill Doug Whaley-
The Buffalo Bills put a scare into the Denver Broncos with a fourth quarter run. The Bills the second half defense shut down Payton Manning. Buffalo did not allow a Manning passing touchdown all day. That scoring streak stops at 51 games.

Quarterback Kyle Orton (38-57 for 355 yards and one touchdown) did all that he could to get the Bills into the game. Orton also rushed for one touchdown with a one yard plunge with 55 seconds left in the game. The Bills were down 21-3 at halftime but Buffalo got off the floor and played smash mouth football the rest of the game. Chris “WHAT-CHA GONNA DO BROTHER” Hogan scores the first Bills touchdown in the fourth quarter. It would continue the whole quarter.

The Denver Broncos escape with a Buffalo failed on side kick. Manning would run the clock out for another AFC West division leading victory.
Denver wins 24-17

7-6 Houston Texan Rick Smith-
The Jacksonville Jaguars put a scare into the Houston Texans with 13-10 halftime lead. Then the Texan defense got busy shutting down the Jag offense
As they struggle to stay in the AFC wildcard race with three games to go.

The NFL All star linemen J. J.Watts does it again with three sacks and countless hurries, Watts should be the MVP defensive player of the year. He has three touchdowns on offense and three more career touchdowns of defense. The Texan defense sacked Bortles four times.

Texans are happy to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick back behind center. He completed 13-19 for 135 yards and a rushing touchdown. Adrian Foster helped Fitzpatrick with his 127 yard carries on 24 attempts. Lucky this Houston team is in the AFC not the NFC because they would be on the outside looking in.
Texans win 27-13

4-9 The New York Football Giant Jerry Reese-
This could be the final year for the two-time Super Bowl Champion Coach Tom Coughlin. Big Blue ended their seven game losing streak with an impressive victory over the slumping Tennessee Titians. The Giants ran off 17 points before the game even got started as quarterback Eli Manning and rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham starred in this game. Beckham set a team record for rookies with the fourth straight 100 yard game.

New York finally found their running game with Andre Williams carrying the ball for 131 yards on 24 attempts and one touchdown. This killed the clock and made this game move quickly.

There might be some changes at Met Life Stadium next fall as the G-men begin to move into the future with young Beckham. The Defense did not do their job this year losing games in the fourth quarter, a quarter The New York Giants usually win.
Giants win 36-7

2-11 Oakland Raider Reggie McKenzie-
The Oakland Raiders pull off the biggest upset of the year as they play their cross bay rival the San Francisco 49ers. In the Battle of The Bay it has been a roller coaster ride for the East Bay team. The Black and Silver got beat badly last week in St. Louis 52-0. The week before that the Raiders beat Kansas City, in a close battle at least the victory ended the long 16 game losing streak.

Derek Carr (22-28 for 254 yards and three touchdowns) is the quarterback of the future and with every game he is proving that point. With each game he has cut down on his mistakes. This was the best game of the year giving the Black and Silver three solid scoring drives taking time off the clock. Mychal Rivera helped out with a touchdown and a 109 yard receiving day.

The Old Man of the team, Charles Woodson grabs an interception to seal the deal for the Oakland Raiders in the middle of the fourth quarter.
The Black Hole went home happy Sunday afternoon.
Raiders win 24-13.
TOTAL 36-38 WEEK 5-1
Black Ownership -0- This is a Black Eye in the NFL pun intended.
Black ownership should be addressed by The National Football League.
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email
©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod



By:-Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter
We are at the crossroads in racial relations in the United States of America. Unfortunately we are still viewing images in Black and white in this country. Since The 44th President of the United States entered the White House confrontations have increased year by year.
The events in Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland, Ohio, and Staten Island, New York prove that this country definitely needs judicial restructuring, police training, and racial understanding.
This is not a Ferguson, Missouri problem, this is not a Cleveland, Ohio problem, nor is it a Staten Island, New York problem, it is an American problem. With the assistance of the broken justice and police systems racial harmony cannot be found.
It has escalated with the help of rich African American stars. The system of oppression, white supremacy, and white privilege continues to be alive and well.
Just think if Mr. Brown had been white or if Mr. Gardner were white we would not be having this conversation. There would not be protests all over this country and lastly the police officers would have treated Gardner and Brown in a civil manner.
The Question should be asked WHY?
Here are some of the reforms that could be implemented immediately to change a broken judicial system.
1) An independent prosecutor when cases of police officers and civilians are involved.
2) A transparent and representative Grand Jury panel with the community’s population.
3) Employ police officers that represent the city’s population or that live in that city.
4) A separation of powers between District Attorney, Prosecutor, and the Police Force.
5) Every City should create a Civilian Police Review Board.
6) Steroid testing at least once a month for all police officers.
7) Cultural and sensitivity training by all officers each year.
8) A body camera on every officer on duty.
9) Civilian ride along programs on non-threatening or dangerous calls.
Former basketball star and now TBS sports broadcaster Charles Barkley often speaks his mind on issues of race in this country…’ The Round Mound of Rebound’ spoke out again this past week.
Mr. Barkley has aspirations to be the governor of his home state of Alabama. This is a very odd way of attaining white votes. Sir Charles throws dirt on the African American community. The same community that loved and supported him in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Houston, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona.
This time it was the events in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York.
Mr. Barkley beware, remember O.J. Simpson, remember Tiger Woods, Robert Griffin III, Michael Joe Jackson, and lest we forget the current episode and attack on Bill Cosby.
Remember you threw a young man through a plate glass window and stood over him saying “I don’t care if you bleed to death.” The police should have thrown you in jail but because of your celebrity status, you my friend walked free.
The same individuals that put you on television and made you a star can bring you down… Just mention something the master does not agree with or that is against the GOP-right wing-TEA PARTY political agenda. They will boot you out, call your name, muddy your reputation and end your public life.
Barkley stated that the looters were wrong and the scumbags of the earth. That maybe true but if you are a scholar of American history every single significant political movement has had either ended in violence or monetary consequences. It may have been wrong to burn and loot stores but it got America’s attention-AGAIN.
Sir Charles is doing the master’s bidding. He stated years ago in the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin Case, that “Zimmerman had the right to kill Travon Martin, because he was defending himself”.
It is very, very, interesting how the media covers stories like this
Whenever there is a civil rights issue or event CNN, Fox News, and other major News agencies find these conservative Black males and throw a microphone under their noses.
The question we need to ask is why?
These networks get the sound bites to play over and over on the network news. The House Negros, The Uncle Toms, The Oreo Cookies, and Conservative Blacks whatever you want to call them hamper the real Black political and social agenda.
The Self Hate Gene is in full force with Charles Barkley helping the enemies of The Dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. planned 45 years ago.
We need to ask why these same networks don’t interview Dr. Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson or our own Eric Satterwhite or Professor Fred Whitted. Because they (networks) are not going to get the canned response they want and they cannot control the spin of the conversation.
Sound bites for example if Rodney King had to stop moving they would have stopped beating him. THAT WAS AND STILL IS POLICE BRUTALITY STRAIGHT UP!!! IT HAPPENED AGAIN IN NEW YORK….
You’re telling me that six police officers with night sticks, teasers, guns, and six patrol cars could not subdue a lone Black man driving his car who had been drinking and driving. REALLY?
If it were not for the black and white video America would still not believe it.. Some people still don’t today.. DON’T BELIEVE YOUR LYING EYES, talk about blind justice, that woman who is blindfolded above the court stairs needs to take her blindfold off because it’s not working.
Sound bites for example if Eric Garner did not sell those loose cigarettes on the streets five of New York’s Finest (NYPD) would not have jumped on him, bring him down to the ground and choke him to death. He was a big elephant making him an animal.
This recent event is most tragic because Mr. Garner did not fight the police. Mr. Garner did not resist arrest, and Mr. Garner did not punch, kick, or spit at police … still they attacked this unarmed man and got him to the ground and choked him to DEATH!!!!
This is a Civil Rights violation.
Sound bites that if Tamir Rice had not been playing with that toy gun in the street he would be alive today. Little boys all over the country play with toy guns all the time so just STOP IT, STOP IT before you start sounding stupid.
The police responded to the RICE call and should have asked questions before firing the deadly shots in 14 seconds. Now there are reports surfacing that this officer was unstable and a Cleveland suburban police force would not hire him just a few months earlier. Maybe this man should not have been in uniform.
Also the 911 caller mentioned that the gun may have been a toy gun. Alarm bells should have gone off and the officers responding should have taken their time. But in our John Wayne society, shoot first and asked questions later, this is the results.
To parents of boys of color DO NOT GIVE YOUR SONS TOY GUNS it could be a death sentence. Remember this fact this Christmas holiday.
The Grand Jury in New York did it again!!!! Now African Americans are losing faith in this country, losing faith in Americans as a whole and losing faith in America’s police force.
These same police forces are getting armored cars and automatic weapons through the federal government program. REALLY? Why do they need them? Are they going to war? Who are they fighting?
Now I really fear for ALL young African American males in this country… there are no checks and balances in place and we are in trouble, REAL TROUBLE…
The people at Fox News Network should be questioned for their ethics. An example of this was interviewing the Ferguson Police Chief after the city and the country had calm down. The Police Chief said he was looking into the charges of inciting a riot.
Mr. Brown stepfather was upset saying what he said. “Burn This B**** Down.” That only restarted the cycle of violence. Is this what Fox News wanted or needed to keep their high ratings? If so, it is a sad commentary for our television network news.
If the City of Ferguson were smart they would fire this police chief and restructure that police force. But how smart are we? As my friend Cowboy Reggie Howell Walston from WCLM-1450 Richmond, Virginia states many times. “I DIGRESS”!!!
That would be the positive thing to do but America’s ONE PER CENT is too busy trying to control people of color.
Second the issue of free speech. Is it o.k. for the White Knights, the KKK, and other radical left and right wing groups speak up on whatever they wish but when five Black Saint Louis Rams football players enter the tunnel for the Oakland Raider-St. Louis Ram Game with their hands up-don’t shoot position, like the Ferguson protesters? It did not sit well with some individuals in the St. Louis Area.
The Fraternal Order Council of the St. Louis Police Department complained and wanted those five players fined and suspended… The National Football League did not respond. Neither did the St. Louis Rams Football administration.
For those who don’t remember or not old enough to remember the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City, Mexico. John Carlos and Tommy Smith raised their Black fist in the air and stepped on the podium with their bare feet standing in protest of the poverty and unemployment rates in the Black community.
Carlos and Smith were called everything but the son of Satan, when they returned home to the United States. They were traitors to Americans and America. People stated that we sent you and paid for you two BOYS to win gold medals for the United States of America, not air America’s dirty little secrets in public.
These two Black men walked through hell the next four years; nobody would talk to them, interview them, or praise them until the 20th anniversary of those summer games.
A Statue now stands at San Jose State University of Smith and Carlos with bare feet and raised fist. They are Spartan graduates.
COULD THE SAME EVENT happen all over again in St. Louis, Missouri with the Rams football team? I just hope those five football players do not go through what Carols and Smith went through in the 1970’s.
Last point we must ask America, where are the people that care?
Or are we just walking around singing and dancing to the top ten hipster tone “Because I’m Happy” by Pharrall Williams…
It reminds me of the 1988 song by Bobby McFerrin years ago “Don’t Worry Be Happy” when African Americans were going through a hard economic time. History is repeating itself.
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