Gary Norris Gray-BASN Newsroom Staff Reporter

Since the election of November 5, 2016 we have witnessed a complete change in the political and social attitude of the United States of America. The Era of Hope has given way to the Era of Fear and Rejection; The Era of Inclusion to the Era of Division.

This country is being watched around the world and most American viewers are bewildered with this country’s political knee jerk actions and reactions the last three months. They are disappointed in the way our country’s leader has conducted business. Many African-Americans are profoundly confused.

It is profound because the United States of America could be repeating the history of the 1920s and 30s. This is not beneficial to America or the world. Many are disappointed by this administration’s demonization of Latino and Arab Americans, wanting them out of the country. Last, this administration is mounting a war with the American press corps, in an obvious to control dissemination of information.

Remember, we are all immigrants. The only true Americans are Native American Indians. The growing attacks on free speech and the side-stepping of anti-Semitic incidents continue to grow. History is truly repeating itself and Americans are standing around watching.


Scapegoating immigrants is nothing new in the United States. The Irish, Germans, Pols, Italians, Greeks, French, went through the same issues decades ago. Chinese immigrants felt the sting in the 1870s.

Japanese Americans felt the sting of America’s rage in 1941 when the Japanese Imperial Air Force attacked Pearl Harbor. The United States put all Japanese Americans in internment camps in 1942 in California, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona.  These same Japanese American citizens fought in World War II in Germany only to return to internment camps. Are we about to do the same thing with Arab Americans and Latino-Hispanic Americans?

African-Americans also fought in both theaters of WWII only to return to a segregated nation. Are we slowly going back to this ugly part of history with this current administration in Washington?

Our new leader has pulled the country into an extreme right turn and a precarious position. Allies all over the world are closing their political doors to our new president. America’s allies do not know what to expect from the man that occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  They don’t know if he will turn on them just as he has turned on some of his own employees in the White House.


This man has declared war on people of color in the United States  and Americans has allowed it to happen.  Hate crimes have increased since November 6, 2016 because these individuals (white supremacist extremists) who perpetrate such crimes have been given the green light to do so by our elected officials in Washington. This administration refuses to put the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy groups on the terrorist watch list when every African-American knows that they are clearly domestic terrorist.

Government employees of color have walked away from their jobs in the past 30 days rather than deal with this administration’s attitude of the good old boys club. Rumana Ahmed, a Muslim woman who wears the hijab and worked in the National Security Council in the White House in the Obama administration, left her job after eight days of work under the new administration.  She felt unwanted and not welcome. She wanted to give this administration a chance, a chance for them to experience a different view of Islam and the American Muslim community. IT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

Apparently, The Muslim travel band and the Syrian refugee issue was the last straw for Ms. Ahmed. Many other fellow employees have also left because they could not work in the White House in good conscience with the attitude it has about people of color, A SILENT PROTEST.

She stated to Michael Anton senior advisor:-

“I told him I had to leave because it was an insult walking into this country’s most historic building every day under an administration that is working against and vilifying everything I stand for as an American and as a Muslim. I told him that the administration was attacking the basic tenets of democracy. I told him that I hoped that they and those in Congress were prepared to take responsibility for all the consequences that would attend their decisions.”

This administration really believes that diversity is a weakness and teaches the  virtues of authoritarianism and that Islam is incompatible with the modern western world. If that were really TRUE, the Islamic world would have attacked the western world decades ago.

Ms. Ahmed is a 2011 graduate of George Washington University in International Relations but this administration does not care. Ms. Ahmed stated working in the White House those eight days brought back the feelings after the 9/11 attacks. What made this worse is that people in power were fueling the fires of Islamophobia and fear.

This administration did not like her because

  1. She is a woman.
  2. She is perceived to be the enemy just as Japanese Americans in 1942.
  3. She is a person of color.
  4. She had an education and the intelligence to speak up on issues this administration did not want to hear.

This administration is on a very difficult road and the treatment of this woman is an example of the arrogance, obscurity, and stupidity the White House displays; wasting talent that could make this country stronger through diversity.

This administration has also gone after African-Americans, Latino-Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

1st:- The Government ordered all of the protesters at Standing Rock, North Dakota off of the property or be arrested as the Corps of Army Engineers restarted the oil pipeline project.  Once again Native Americans are removed from their own land for American progress and greed. This is a human disgrace but this Administration does not care. Money is more important than human lives.

2nd:- This administration has failed to have a political, economic, or social discussion with prominent African-American leaders; leaders that have the eyes and ears of the Black community, and can inform the White House what concerns that community and how this administration and Black leaders can work together to improve the lives of African-Americans. With the Alt-Right members in the White House and at the forefront of this administration, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

3rd:- The military style round-up of undocumented Latino-Hispanic residents of Santa Cruz and Daly City, California could be a view of the future.

The deception by this administration on the police departments of Santa Cruz and Daly City, stating it was searching for undocumented alien criminals, in reality was a test run for The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Homeland Security agents searching for all undocumented residents. All of the individuals arrested were released three days later with the exception of one, who had an outstanding criminal warrant. So the question needs to be asked, why these government entities have to misinform (LIE) the local police forces to get their cooperation? Second, why did these federal agencies wait until after the police forces left the scene to arrest these individuals?  The answer is SANCTUARY CITIES.

My fellow Americans, in about six months after millions of undocumented Latino-Hispanic  residents leave the country, don’t complain when an orange, a grapefruit, or a pear cost three dollars each, don’t complain when your hotel bill doubles, don’t complain when the roofer states that you have to wait six months before they can repair your roof because he/she does not have enough employees to do the job, don’t complain when your lawn looks like a national park. This is the cost of this administration.

4th:- Wednesday night February 22 Adam Purinton went to a bar in Olathe, Kansas opening fire on two Indian-(New Delhi) men, killing one and injuring the other. Witnesses stated he yelled “get out of my country” before shooting the two men.

Months before this horrible event,  the diseased man’s father requested that his son leave America after the elections in November because of the fathers fear of violence against people of color. He also urged all parents of Indian students not to send their children to the United States. This is what this new administration in Washington has fostered. Nothing new but the eight years of President Barack Obama and the ascension of this present administration has doubled racial animosity and fostered fear.


Last the attack on the Fourth Estate,the United States press corps, and this, my fellow Americans, is the most dangerous issue of them all. When this administration continues to threaten schools, cities, towns, and states withholding federal funds to these entities because of their political or social stance that is in opposition to Washington, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. When you silence Native American Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts; when you silence Representative Janet Nguyen, California’s Orange Country Republican; when you silence disabled children in public schools  with new laws to restrict disabled children from participate with their non-disabled counterparts; and then allow the hate filled speeches of Breitbart News Network editor and writer Milo Yiannopoulos, we are on the road to disaster.

It is dangerous when, this administration can choose and bar who can or cannot attend the weekly White House press conference and dictates when the information can be released. That is propaganda and once again America is just standing there watching.

Barring The Guardian, The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN-Cable News Network, and BBC-British Broadcasting Corporation just magnifies this point.

That means, my fellow Americans, STATE RUN MEDIA in our future?  This administration must be taking private lessons from Comrade Vladimir Putin and his state-run paper called PRAVDA.


The different style of governing can be contrasted with the grace, compromise, and humility of 44 that cannot be duplicated by 45. President Obama encouraged inclusion, discussions, and debates; this administration does not or will not.

During the campaign last February, Obama visited a Baltimore mosque and reminded the public that “we’re one American family, and when any part of our family starts to feel separate…It’s a challenge to our values.” His words would go unheeded by his successor.

I’m very disappointed that we, Americans, have to fight this fight all over again.

God Bless America

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com

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Gary Norris Gray-BASN- Staff Reporter

 The United States is trying to turn that big gray political battleship around from the left to the right in 100 days. Battleship captains know that it takes a long time to turn his or her ship in a different direction. Mr. Trump has yet to receive this message. This battleship might have to navigate through rough political and social waves and swells. Mr. Trump faces the storm head on. This battleship might have to navigate through political and social stormy weather. It also might have to battle the political enemy at sea. Mr. Trump seems to ignore all of these factors.

This president has challenged the American press by excluding them. This president has attacked the special security forces of this nation, the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation and the (CIA) Central Intelligence Agency. He has attacked minorities, Native Americans, Arab Americans, and Latino Americans. He will not even have discussions with prominent political African Americans. His press corps cannot even speak the truth when given proven facts- They counter with Alternative Facts –


 Reality check, it is called lying.

The United States of America is in trouble when the Electoral College and the Russian government are choosing our elected officials, i.e., the President. Two of the last four elections have gone to the Electoral College. Our forefathers put this apparatus in place so that unqualified individuals could not hold this office. Mr. Trump just might fit this disqualification.


President Donald J. Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8 million people. That’s greater than five times more than Al Gore’s 540,000 over President George W. Bush in 2000.


Mr. Trump is now claiming that he would have won the popular vote without the illegal immigrant vote. He states this without proof, without evidence. Mr. Trump has stated that there was rampant voter fraud in Northern States in 2016; again he has shown no clear facts. There is a BIG problem now his own party leaders do not agree with him on this issue. Just another, Alternative fact.

 Saturday January 21 women all over the world made their voices heard with non-violent protest. The response by the current administration was to deny the numbers with (ALTERNATIVE FACTS) and then try to create new laws to arrest non-violent protesters. Millions of females in pink told Washington we are watching you and we will be checking your every political move when it comes to women’s rights.

Donald J. Trump continued to move into the White House with the most radical right wing agenda, the most racist, sexist, disablist, and elitist ever. He quickly changed the White House web page Friday night deleting Women’s Rights issues, Disabled Issues, Immigrants issues, and Gay Rights issues on the government web page.


Mr. Trump refuses to meet with the Black leaders of this Nation. Black political organizations like The Congressional Black Caucus, The (NAACP) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the National Urban League have requested a conference.


 But this man never turns down a photo opportunity with Black super stars with little or no political power. Just ask Terrell Owens-football, Steve Harvey-TV, Don King-boxer promoter, Dennis Rodman-basketball, Mike Tyson-boxer, and Herschel Walker-football. All of these gentlemen are at the top of his list.

Fox News reporter Stacey Dash has learned that lesson the hard way that COONING never pays off.  She was released by the network on Tuesday January 24th. No more need for her because the Black president has left the oval office.

Trump states “See, I love Black people; just don’t get in my way.”

This man is throwing away common decency, protocol, and decorum. A man is supposed to open the car door for his wife and escort her up the stairs to meet the soon to be former President. HE DID NOT. A man that is supposes to listen to all people of our great nation even if he disagrees. HE WILL NOT.

It does not matter, because politically conservative Americans are more worried about what actresses Meryl Streep, singers Madonna and Ashley Judd spoke on Civil Rights, Immigration Rights, and Women’s Rights.

For those who have forgotten the 1990s battle with Ms. Tipper Gore (Vice President Al Gore’s wife) and rap music. Two Live Crew and got banded from the national airwaves for lewd and vociferous acts on stage. This battle continued until the courts stepped in with their legal decision. It is happening all over again, radio stations across the land have started banning Madonna records for her comments in Washington.

These same conservative Americans should be upset with the Fox News Network for not informing viewers that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are one and the same. They should be upset that Mr. Trump continued to state that President Obama was not a United States citizen until four weeks before the elections. They should be upset that an oil pipeline will run across Native American lands and the only water source for the Standing Rock-Lakota-Sioux Tribe. A leak in the pipeline could pollute the water. But that’s alright; it does not affect the American public and it is more fun to have Americans confused.

Now think if President Obama acted this way they would have run him out of Washington D.C. President Obama could not help African Americans the way he wanted to because conservative America would have screamed from day one …


President Obama had the lowest implementations of executive orders over eight years and yet he’s called a “tyrant.” Mr. Trump has implemented executive orders every 12 hours and we have heard nothing from the public or the national press corps.

Americans are such hypocrites.

 Donald J. Trump can be too white and nobody will say a word. Mr. Trump can exclude half of America and not a peep from the national news media. Business as usual.  America claims that ALL LIVES MATTER so where are they now?

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King spoke about non-violence during his marches through the old south, but how does this work against a bully? How does this work when the other side does not listen. The honorable Malcolm X had other answers that the United States did not want to hear.

Mr. Trump is trying to tear down every established norm, even the White House press conference with his own cheering section. REALLY? He will pick who will speak and who will be excluded from the White House Press corps. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!!!!

He has attacked the CNN news group for asking simple questions and leaking a report. Bully tactics in full view for America to see.

The political backlash is off the charts since George W. Bush in 2000 but this has a bitter tone. A very dangerous precedent is afoot in our beautiful country.

Before the inauguration Friday January 20, 2017,

Representative John Lewis from Georgia set the town of Washington on fire calling Mr. Trump an illegitimate president. Lewis was in the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Of course Trump responded quickly on Twitter causing more Democrats to boycott Friday’s party. The total count was 68 not going to Washington the most in modern history.

THE PRESS DID NOT TELL YOU THIS because 80% of the non-attendees were African American.

With each passing day the political divide grows deeper. The future is now an uncertainty with Donald J. Trump as commander and chief heading the American battleship straight into the wayward winds of a class five political hurricane of national turmoil. Can anybody say 1968-69?  Americans elected Richard Milhous Nixon in 1969. Once again America took the right wing path electing Donald J. Trump.


America should be very disappointed in the Christian Right. People of faith should be helpful, serving, loving, TRUMP IS NONE OF THESE. Sorry the Christian Right is no longer Christian or right. They helped a non-Christian to the White House the question should be asked, why?

The question should be asked ARE THEY RACIST TOO and won’t admit it? The BLACK CHURCH SHOULD BE SCREAMING THIS but they are silent. WHY? MLK would have been a driving force of love against this current White House. Doctor King would have challenged Mr. Trump at every turn. What Black leader will do this today?

Momentum is picking up steam against Mr. Trump not only from Americans but from citizens from around the world. My hero Representative of California- Barbara Lee makes it clear America is headed for national political confrontation by Mr. Trump’s own words. Ms. Lee was the lone dissenting vote on the issue of the war in Iraq a decade ago. She got hate mail and bomb threats for her efforts. Now she has allies from both sides of the aisle.

Representative of New York- Nydia Velazquez attended the protest because she wanted to stand for women’s rights. THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES TO GROW.

Contrast this to former President Barack Obama, who was a gentlemen, scholar, and statesman to Mr. Donald J. Trump who is a businessman. This will be the first president that I cannot and will not respect or honor. My family taught me to respect the office but this is going to be very difficult when a person sitting in that chair does not respect human beings. MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT !!!!

As a disabled American, Mr. Trump is a threat, as an African American, Mr. Trump is a threat, as a Native American, Mr. Trump is a threat. He is a threat to American democracy.

We need to start taking action. Make your money count.

1) Boycott if stores, business, or workers don’t treat you correctly

2) Ignore Black Friday (EVERY YEAR) and MLK Buying day

3) Don’t buy gas for a day, week, month, or year.

4) Send letters and post cards to Washington if you don’t approve of their actions. Keep calling your senator or representative until you get an answer. Make phone calls every week until you are satisfied with the results.

5) Protest injustice wherever it maybe. It worked in Baltimore, Chicago, and Oakland.

6) Read and know Black history.

7) Volunteer time with your favorite charity.

8) Help each other in communities.

9) Run for office in your town, county or state. Put forth with your ideas and plans for a better America.

10) Help defeat the GOP in two years from now at the mid-term elections, make your voices heard.


Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Letter to the President of the United States of America


by Gary Norris Gray

Before the State of the Union meeting next week in Washington there are issues that need to be address

President Barack Obama

1600 Penna. Ave.

Washington D.C. 20500

Jan.16, 2013

Dear President Obama,

It is 2013, and the United States of America has much work to do. The time for compromise has ended, and the time for action has arrived. The White House has to take the lead on the issues I will mention later in this letter.

The Republican Party has shown that it does not have any intention to cooperate with you on any issue. Political Ideology has become more important than the needs of the American people.

Four years ago there was a cool breeze blowing through America’s heartland and through America’s inner cities. It was the voice of HOPE; it was the voice of dreams, and it was a vision of a bright, new future. When you, Sir, entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the hearts and minds of many were uplifted. Americans believed that we had a future. Please do not allow this dream to die.

You have followed in the tradition of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s (then) innovative night-time radio fireside chats to connect with the public, by using your own media innovation, the internet.  This has to continue.

As mentioned above, there are further issues on which the White House must take the lead. These include:

1)  Ensuring that your 2012-2016 cabinet reflects the population of the United States.

2)  Demanding that the United States get its financial house in order.

3)  Waging a new war on poverty.

4)  Drafting, passing, and enforcing a comprehensive gun control law.

5)  Creating a new jobs bill that targets minority and other disenfranchised citizens.

6)  Implementing complete and comprehensive health care for all Americans.

7)  Improving America’s secondary school education system.

8)  Making sure that the United States leads the way with a new Civil Rights Bill for citizens with disabilities, children, women, and the lesbian-gay-bisexual, transgender (LGBT)communities.

9)  Ending Bipartisan party bickering and getting Congress back to work as they were elected to do or firing them for not doing their jobs.

10)  Begin to physically uplift and support the African American Community.

11) Have radio (internet) fireside chats on the issue of racism in America.

12) Ending prison recidivism and creating jobs instead of warehousing Americans in prisons.

These are 12 significant issues that are of concern to many Americans including myself.

In 2005, your predecessor, President George W. Bush, stated that the American people gave him a “mandate” to continue his programs after the presidential elections of 2004. He went on to continue two wars in the Middle East and give tax breaks to the 1% of Americans that needed them the least. Furthermore, this president hurt the disabled community with his No Child Left Behind Education Program and crippled America’s school systems by cutting federal funding and thus, college tuition skyrocketed. The NCLB Act in fact, left thousands of disabled children behind and put them at risk when they became adults because they could not keep up with their able-bodied classmates. This compelled many board of education members to direct teachers and principals to exclude disabled students from the NCLB records because they would not receive federal funding if their school districts did not improve. This act only resulted in disabled students not receiving the proper education they need to graduate.

To address America’s failure to our children with disabilities, I suggest that you reach out to Michelle Rhee who is currently in Sacramento, California with her husband Mayor Kevin Johnson. Ms. Rhee tackled the Washington D.C. school system and pulled it from its national disgracing 48th place. The District moved to 28th place within just 2 years under her direction. Ms. Rhee did something nobody else believed could happen, teaching and improving the educational outcomes of inner city Black and brown children in the Washington D.C. Area.

Mr. President you have to take the lead on this issue; Congress, the Republican Party, or the Tea Party will not be in favor of this because they don’t want to spend money on America’s children.

Like that 1970′s car repair commercial states you can pay me now or pay me later with kids going to jail after they commit crimes against those or the loved ones of those who chose not to help them.

Sir, the country needs you to take a stand and do the hard things that others have either been afraid to or unwilling to do. You have been blessed with a second chance because we, the Citizens of America truly believed you when you said you wanted to create CHANGE 4 years ago. Your reelection will give us a chance to cash that check.

We want to move FORWARD Mr. President, and now it is time for you, without apology, without fear, without hesitancy, to take the LEAD.

Truly Yours,

Gary Norris Gray

Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Blogtalkradio.com Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com

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Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.-Most of the rules enforced by the professional leagues were 80% geared for the restriction, reduction, or elimination of the African American players. This racist attitude is stifling the promotion of great African American talent on the field, court, diamond, and ice. 




Hockey is the one major sport that Black participation has doubled in the past 50 years, but they are still required by some NHL officials to play the white way. There are 40 Black players currently in the N.H.L. in 2016 a great accomplishment and the men of BLACK ICE would be proud. New Black stars enter the league with each new year, making the game faster.


During America’s Great Depression, Herb Carnegie broke the color barrier of professional hockey. It is still a struggle for Blacks to put on any hockey uniform of the National Hockey League. The Winnipeg Jets currently lead the way with four Black players. The Edmonton Oilers had five players on the ice in one year. A record that still stands today.


In 1960 Willie O’Ree put on a Boston Bruin jersey to become the first Black player in the modern era. He also became the first disabled hockey player. Mr. O’Ree was legally blind in one eye and hid it from the Bruin organization.  O’Ree is now the ambassador for the NHL in inner cities to attract minority youth to the game.

This is the only sport that incorporated Black input to improve and change the game. Black Canadians and First Nation/Native Americans played this game hard and fast unlike their white counterparts. The NHL had rules where the defensive players could not skate pass the red line. This limited the scoring chances and slowed the game. Black Canadians and First Nation-Canadians did away with this rule allowing the whole team to enter the attacking zone creating havoc for the goalie. This created scoring chances. The NHL would eventually adopt this rule.

The league improve on this law by eliminating the two line pass from the blue lines in the 1990′s.

Many older white officials of the league still have problems with Black hockey players. They want these bigger, faster, and stronger brothers to play THE WHITE WAY, whatever that is.



Sports magazines continue the trend of blasting Black athletes with their yearly Most Disliked Athletes edition with the following Black athletes leading the list Wayne Simmonds– Philadelphia Flyers, Dustin Byfuglien– Winnipeg Jets, P.K. Subban-Nashville Predators, and Joel Ward San Jose Sharks,-Hockey, Kris Humphries-Brooklyn Nets, Blake Griffin-Los Angeles Clippers, LeBron James-Miami Heat-Cleveland Cavaliers and Kobe Bryant- Los Angeles Lakers- Basketball, Floyd Mayweather-Boxing, Tiger Woods-Golf, Terrell Owens-Multiple teams, Michael Vick-Atlanta Falcons-Philadelphia Eagles, Plaxico Burress-New York Football Giants, Ndamukong Suh-Detroit Lions-Miami Dolphins, Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers, and Dez Bryant-Dallas Cowboys-Football.

There are very few Caucasians players on these lists Bryce Harper-Washington Nationals -Baseball, Tom Brady-New England Patriots-Football, Brad Marchand-Boston Bruins-Hockey. Forbes Magazine only had one white athlete on their list and that was hot head Kurt Bush-Race car driver.

Sports fans all over the country cheer for these Black stars night after night. If they win its o.k. if they lose they will be run out of town. How does this work?

JUST WIN BABY- This racist attitude permeates the sports world with ESPN, The Sports Leader leading the way. As long as these young Black athletes win for their owner, make money for the owner, win for their city, their country, and fans, its o.k., but if they speak out, become political, or start losing games they are shipped out the door. African Americans have to be supermen on the ice, field, diamond, or court while white players can be average.

Example, college football star Tim Tebow, the University of Florida quarterback played at Gainesville, Fla. with fanfare. Black quarterback Cam Newton would drive Florida to the 25 yard line and the coach would substitute Tebow to finish the Gator drive. Tebow would get the media attention while Newton would be forgotten. The question remained could Tebow play football? Does that ring a bell? Tebow tried his hand at the NFL; it did not work because he lacked the throwing touch to throw long passes.


So Mr. Tebow turned to baseball.  This man has not played a single inning of baseball in 15-20 years yet his number 15 baseball jersey became the number one seller in the United States this summer. When the Cleveland Browns drafted quarterback Johnny Manziel, his number two jersey became the number one seller in America in 2015, The only trouble was the Texas A& M Aggie player had not played a down of football in the National Football League.

At the same time Americans burned Black basketball star LeBron James jerseys in two cities-Miami and Cleveland, burned Kevin Durant jerseys in Oklahoma City, and American Patriots carrying Confederate Flags burned San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick jerseys all over the country. This past summer Miami Heat fans repeated their actions burning their only superstar guard Dwayne Wade jersey. Question, when was the last time sports fans burned a white players jersey, ANSWER – NEVER. That is America’s showing its underwear of racism AGAIN.



The GREATEST of all times Muhammad Ali- was stripped of his World Championship Boxing title in 1967-68 because he refused to defend his country on religious grounds, which was within his rights to do so. America lost its collective minds. How could this young Black man defy the American government? This was the first attack on Islam and another attack on Black males. Ali was the spokesmen for many African American men and he had to be silenced. It backfired because Ali became a world hero speaking out on the racial injustice around the world.


Mahumoud Abdul Rauf-Chris Johnson of the Denver Nuggets was Kaepernick before there was a Colin Kaepernick. Raul converted to the Islamic Faith in 1996 and refused to stand for the Star Spangled Banner because he felt the song disrespected Black people. The Nuggets released him that same year. Rauf was a good player that came off the bench and scored points. It did not matter Rauf had to go, disrespecting the United States of America by not standing for our national song.


Colin Kaepernick is the most recent victim of America’s scorn as we return to 1968 faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. Mr. Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers wanted to bring forth issues that African Americans deal with on a daily basis by kneeling during the National Anthem. He got attention and he also received scorn from white Middle America.


Tommie Smith and John Carlos- These men struck a blow for Civil Rights in the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City with fist raised on the winner’s podium. The Black gloves and bare feet were symbols of Black American oppression and poverty and made the world notice. America took vengeance again by ignoring these two champions for 35 years. Making both of them persona non-gratis for  years. This was the reward for winning the gold and bronze medals for the United States.


Professional teams were now getting involved in the Civil Rights Movement. The Phoenix Suns fought for the MLK holiday in their home state of Arizona. This team also made a statement against their states strong anti-immigration bill by wearing Los Suns uniforms on the Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican National holiday. The Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and Portland Trailblazers joined them with their Latin uniforms.

los ang clippers

It might be time for the Black athletes to evaluate their position in the sports world and how their influences can change the United States. Can Black Athletes invoke that change for America, without political, social, or economic repercussion? We shall see in the coming years. The Los Angeles Clippers lost that opportunity three years ago in the NBA playoffs by not making a stronger statement on racism in their organization. Many African American basketball fans have lost respect for the “other,” team at Staples Center.

The plight of the African America athlete, to play the game they love or to make that political, social, and economic statement to make the United States a better country, a better place to live.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

Major League Baseball struggled for years with the issue of  inclusion of African American players but the Negro Baseball  Leagues kept growing becoming very popular in the Southern Cities. The owners saw a gold mine and wanted in. That was the inclusion of African American fans. Work still needs to be done.  


OAKLAND, CA.-There was a gentlemen’s agreement to not sign African American players until 1947. Bill Veeck of the Chicago White Sox tried but was rebuffed by fellow owners. The Brooklyn Dodgers-Branch Rickey signed the first Black player after careful screening. This player had to stand up to racial torment and white rage every day. MLB did not want the best player in the Negro League because catcher Josh Gibson would not put up with the racial nonsense.

The first African American to break the color lines was Jackie Robinson. Robinson would not be pleased with Major League Baseball today as the Black enrollment continues to remain stagnant with 83-87 African American players on team rosters in 2016. There are currently two Black managers, The Los Angeles Dodgers-David Roberts and Dusty Baker of the Washington Nationals. The number has never gone above four Black field generals per year, remember there are 30 teams. The question should be asked WHY?

Some teams have a single African American player on the squad. MLB Teams carry 28 players until Aug 31. That’s 30 teams times 28, do the math that is only eight percent of African Americans on the field. MLB tried hard to attract young Black stars with their RBI-(Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities) but these players cannot spend time in the minor leagues without earning a salary. Baseball needs to fix this because these young men are the breadwinners for the whole family.

Then there is the issue of steroids and the hypocrisies of the game. Barry Lamar Bonds-Pittsburgh Pirates-San Francisco Giants got blackballed from Major League Baseball for using enhancing preforming drugs while Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun continues to play for the Brewers using these same drugs.

There are so many unwritten rules in this sport it would take the rest of this page to write them all down.

This is the only game where you can legally cheat. Erase the batter’s box, scuff a baseball, throw a spitball, put pine tar on a bat, steal signs from the catcher or third base coach, and pour water on the base path to slow down runners or let the grass grow long to stop a ground ball hitting team or cut the grass short to make the ball fly through the infield for singles. It is the only sport that does not have equal dimensions in any ball park.

  1. Baseball and hockey are the only two sports where fights are permitted. In baseball, players can run all the way from the bull pen to join the fray, try that in football and basketball and the players would be ejected immediately.
  2. Hit a home run, act like you have been there before, run around the bases quickly and go directly to the dugout. Please don’t show up the pitcher or catcher or the next time at the plate the stitches of the baseball might be engraved in your back or your butt. Why?
  3.  Don’t steal a base when you are nine runs ahead as former New York Jets-Kansas City Chief head coach Herm Edwards stated many years ago “You play to win the game,” so why not steal bases, teams have come from behind to win.
  4.  Do not over-celebrate anything on the field, doubles, triples, or game winning hits, just play the game. “Be a gentleman.” This stifles African Americans natural emotions for the love of the game.
  5. Pitcher Dennis Ray “Oil Can” Boyd of the Boston Red Sox was called wired,weird,  strange, eccentric, and just plan odd. People were afraid of Boyd. Yet  baseball fans loved Mark “The Bird” Fidrych who talked to the ball before pitches. Do you not think this was odd?

GOLF Tiger-Woods-161204-Chips-G-300

It was a long and hard battle for Blacks to break the color lines in golf. Charlie Sifford became the first African American to gain a PGA card in 1961 making the American PGA. Sifford made the PGA remove the Caucasian only clause on clubhouse doors. Pete Brown became the first to win a PGA sanctioned event in 1964 at the Waco Turner Open. My hero Lee Elder became the first African American to play in the Masters in 1975. Progress was being made but African Americans found it hard to play on the PGA tour. Tiger Woods would change that.

At the turn of the century a golfer unlike no other showed up on the golf course. Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods, a strong Black man who won more majors faster than anyone in history. Mr. Woods opened doors for African Americans in the Golf World. Tiger did something that no other golfer had done, weight lifting in training. This allowed Mr. Woods to drive the ball down the fairways like no other, golfers followed suit with their own weightlifting programs.

This sport has responded by Tiger-proofing their golf courses, expanding their fairways and widening their greens to make it more difficult for Mr. Woods to win and allowing other golfers a more forgiving course and a chance to taste victory.

Mr. Woods put golf into the national spotlight and let the inner city child experience the game for the first time. Young minorities took up the bag and took out the clubs to try to play this game. The boys have a long way to catch up with their Asian sisters. Se-Ri Park is leading the way with her Korean crew.Following the Tiger Woods work out system, it worked.

Last, the emergence of Tiger Woods created the Golf Channel on most cable systems and allowed golf experts to educate the American public about their game.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Gary Norris Gray-BASN- Staff Reporter


African Americans have drastically changed the game of American Football with their grace, style, beauty, and power. The National Football League cannot turn the clock back.





Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall were the first African Americans in the National Football League in 1920. Pollard also became the first Black head coach. It did not happen again until 1978 with Art Shell head coach of the Oakland-Los Angeles Raiders. The league baned Black players between 1933-1950

  1. In the 1960′s the old (AFL) American Football League signed Black quarterbacks and middle linebackers and it was something the NFL refused to do. Young football fans loved it and could see the difference between the leagues. The AFL threw long bombs and had trick plays from scrimmage for touchdowns while the NFL played ground and pound, three yards and a cloud of dust. The AFL drafted players from (HBCU’s) Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the NFL did not. That was broken in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s.
  2. The Rooney Rule. The league could see there was a problem in the hiring of African American head coaches and wanted to fix the problem. The Pittsburgh Steelers owners The Rooney Family wanted to address this problem with a rule that at least one African American be interviewed for each head coaching job. It worked until the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions undermined and side stepped the rule by hiring inside their organizations. The league now struggles to enforce this rule today. Both teams were fined by the league but the genie was out of the bottle. Teams bypassed Black coaching potential with a quick interview then hired the man they wanted. Last year the Niners hired Chip Kelly one week after the Philadelphia Eagles released him and two years earlier the Buffalo Bills hired Mr. Ryan from the New York Jets six days after New York released him. This year six coaches were released, retired, or resigned. Next question will the Rooney Rule be enforced? Time will tell.


3. The league instituted new offensive and defensive rules after the merger to protect the players. In reality it was to defend against aggressive, assertive Black players like Oakland Raiders cornerback Jack Tatum, Lester Hayes, and Michael James Haynes. The league rewarded and praised these players for the same defensive tackles and hard hits in the 1970′s and 1980′s. The NFL has become a touch football game instead of tackle in 2016.

washington football club banned

4. A player who is penalized twice in one game for unsportsmen-like conduct will be ejected from a game.  The issue of players calling each other the N-word became the vocal point. This is the INCOGNITO RULE when a white linemen called a Black linemen the N-word repeatedly in the locker-room in Miami. Now we all know that brothers call each other this name with the double A at the end, and as a term of endearment or friendship. The league wanted to end this but how does this work when you have a team named the REDSKINS, the vilest name in the dictionary. The Washington Football Club and the NFL are calling Native Americans Red N*****S in public with no regrets. ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Sports are allowed to use this name but get upset when Mr. Shannon Sharp points out the hypocrisies on the Sunday CBS pre-game show a year ago. The league is not happy that Native Americans and African Americans are not agreeing with owner Dan Snyder and Commissioner Roger Goodell on this issue.

2016-Week-13-Tom-Brady-aaPCZ-250x250ray rice

5. The suspension of New England quarterback Tom Brady (Deflate Gate) two years ago compared to the suspension of Baltimore running back Ray Rice (Domestic Abuse) are like night and day, black and white. The Brady issue affects the game while the Rice issue was a personal issue. Nobody condones attacking any female. That being stated Rice never had a chance in the NFL. Rice was blackball from the league and never played another game. Tom Brady got a four game suspension and played a complete year including winning the Super Bowl. Mr. Brady did this while appealing his suspension. How does this work? This inconsistency continued this year in New York with placekicker Josh Brown being accused of domestic abuse against his wife. The Giants placed the domestic issue on hold for a complete year. Ray Rice was never a chance or afforded this courtesy.

6. The league pooh-poohed both the Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers and Brett Favre-Green Bay, New York Jets, Minnesota, incidents of alleged sexual transgressions. The league never really criticized or punished either quarterback. The question should be asked WHY? ESPN went so far as to send memos to fellow reporters not to say a word about Big Ben’s issues because the network was in production of a new show on their network.

7. The Washington Football Club ended the choreography six point celebrations after touchdowns with their FUN BUNCH crew and sub group called The Smurfs in the 1980′s. The Fun Bunch scored a touchdown in Dallas and proceeded with their touchdown dance celebration. The Dallas Cowboys were not pleased and proceeded to break up the party in the end zone, creating a massive fight.

Teams are now assessed a 15 yard penalty at the impending kickoff. This too was directed at African American players like Billy “White Shoes” Johnson-Houston Oilers, who danced the boogie in the end zone and Ickey Woods who did the Ickey Shuffle for the Cincinnati Bengals. The league lost its mind when Deion Sanders-Atlanta Falcons did his stroll through the end zone after a interception for a score. This had to stop.

Can anybody explain why the Green Bay Packers are allowed to do the choreographed Lambeau Leap into the stands year after year without a fine or suspension? Is this not a choreographed celebration?

The Rules state that if teammates had a pre-planned celebration, it is a 15 yard penalty.

8. The Jeff Fisher Rule was intended for the mobile quarterback i.e. THE BLACK RUNNING QUARTERBACK. This new rule allowed the defense to tackle the quarterback once he left the pocket. It also restricted the mobile passer to the pocket and limited his addition to his team’s offense. This rule was put into effect in 2015 and was directed toward San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick after he torched The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in a NFC playoff game.

9. The Roughing the Passer rule can be interpreted many different ways but it seems that African American quarterbacks do not get equal protection and enforcement by referees. Breathe on Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay, Drew Brees-New Orleans, Matt Ryan-Atlanta, Carson Palmer-Atlanta, and New England’s Tom Brady and a yellow flag will come flying through the air. Andrew Luck-Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagle Rookie Carson Wentz have now joined this elite group of protected signal callers.

Meanwhile Black quarterbacks struggle on the field and continue to perform. Cam Newton-Carolina, Russell Wilson-Seattle, Robert Griffin III-Cleveland, Jamieis Winston-Tampa Bay, Tyrod Taylor-Buffalo, and Colin Kaepernick-San Francisco, just fight for survival on the field getting pummeled week after week by rushing defensive linebackers. The first game of the year Carolina Panther Cam Newton received three blows to the helmet, a yellow flag could be found. Newton had been hit 14 times in two years before a yellow flag could be seen. The question needs to be asked WHY?

10. Then there is the vagueness of the leagues personal conduct codes which few understand.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com





Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter

Most of the rules enforced by the professional leagues were 80% geared for the restriction, reduction, or elimination of the African American players. These same players changed the game; these players improved their respective sport. African American players had to deal with society’s moral and social injustice, now they have to deal with professional sports moral and social injustice. Black athletes have to deal with this in silence.

African American males are told at an early age to dress up in their Sunday best, do not interrupt a speaker, pull up those pants, put your hat on and walk straight, do not tell a lie, obey and respect their elders, do not make fun of people that are less fortunate, respect women, respect the police or those in authority, and to get a college education. Play to the best of your ability. African American men have had to do all of these things and are still not being accepted in the United States.

Somebody must have forgotten to tell the current President-Elect Donald J. Trump. This is what privilege encourages, misbehavior, disrespect, rudeness, and dishonesty. This man encourages xenophobia, misogyny, and bigotry. This is what racism looks like and sounds like, America already understands and knows this. Mr. Trump has doubled down on his promises surrounding himself with individuals from the new cool political term; he has placed individuals from the Alt Right Movement in his cabinet. This is the code word for Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazi, White Supremacist, and White Nationalist groups. Apparently, this is what the United States of America and minorities will be dealing with the next four years.

In 2016 Donald J. Trump changed the way the political game was played. Mr. Trump stormed through the Republican primaries and then beat Hillary Clinton a democrat in the presidential race. Donald never played by the rules and changed the American political landscape. The National Football League, Major League Baseball, The National Hockey League, and the National Basketball Association all changed the rules of the game too. Mr. Trump was looking for a particular voter, bullying his way to the White House. The NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL searched for a certain player and bullied the ones they did not like.



Earl Lloyd became the first African American in the National Basketball Association in 1950 breaking a gentlemen’s agreement of not drafting or playing Black players. These 17 owners excluded Black talent and the question remains what to do with the NBA records before 1950? Do they count?

Wilt_Chamberlain_100-pointnyk ann

  1. In 1960 the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers had a seven foot center named Wilt Chamberlain. This future Hall of Fame star was on his way to a double-double season. He scored 100 points against my beloved New York Knicks in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The NBA put an end to this by expanding the lane from 12 feet to 16 feet so Chamberlain could not clog and dominate the middle of the floor. Remember the Minnesota Lakers also had a seven foot Hall of Fame star named George Mikan. Ten years earlier the league expanded the lane from six feet to twelve feet. Mikan did not score the amount of points that Chamberlain did, but the wheels were set into motion to stop the scoring giant.
  2.  There was an unwritten agreement from 1930-1975 that no more than three African Americans were to be on the floor at the same time. The Boston Celtics carried out this invisible law until 1976. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, and Denver Nuggets still try to promote white players from Eastern Europe. There are not many American white players starting in the National Basketball League today.


3. In 1967 a young man from New York City was jamming the basketball on other players’ heads for three New York City High school championships. He also took three NCAA Championships at UCLA The University of California at Los Angeles, on his way into the NBA record books, seven foot, Lew Alcindor-Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Jabbar made the NCAA enforce the no dunking rule called the Alcindor Rule in 1967, the NBA followed suit a year later. Kareem answered that rule with the beautiful Sky Hook shot.

4. The league responded with another change.  The lane was clogged with seven footers.  In 1980 the NBA instituted the three point play, opening up the floor. This is when a player can shoot 22 feet from the basket and it counts as three points instead of two. Teams like the Boston Celtics already had pure shooters that could hit these shots. This rule kept Caucasian, Eastern European players in the game of basketball. This was a reaction to Black players flooding the league. In 1976-1979 New York City fans were calling the Knicks the N****Rbockers because the whole team happened to be BLACK and the team was losing.


In the 2014-2015 the game changed again and now pure shooters Black and white are cherished. The 2013-2016 Golden State Warriors with their Splash Brothers-Curry and Thompson broke all NBA 3-point records. Black players adopted the new style and are now thriving in the NBA. The lane has opened and players can now drive to the basket.

5. In 1990 the league instituted a dress code for all players. This too was directed at African Americans who dressed any way they wanted. The league wanted to clean up their act and blamed Black players for the dress code. The league wanted to move away from the “so called” Thug look.

6. In the same decade the league created the Flagrant Foul ONE AND TWO rule. This rule aimed at the so called BLACK malcontents like Metta World Peace, Russell Westbrooks, and Draymond Green with the possibility of suspension and fines with each flagrant foul…How many flagrant fouls do Caucasian players have? How many white players have been suspended under this law?

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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