The last week of August I visited a fast food store in Berkeley, California the so called MECCA of the disabled world. My stomach was talking and needed something to feast on. My ears got a very rude awaking.

A very disturbing trend is sweeping this great nation and this lead is coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The marginalization of Disabled Americans AGAIN!!!! When ordering food the waitress did not make a good faith effort to understand what was being said because she was in a rush, until the Gray voice was raised with unhappiness, repeating the order three times. This should not be happening in Berkeley because of its disabled population.

One of my heroes Johnnie Lacy explained it clearly

Johnnie Lacy (1937-2010) was a leader in the independent living movement and fought for the rights of people with disabilities, especially people of color. She led Community Resources for Independent Living, a nonprofit in Hayward providing services and advocacy. Lacy spoke of being excluded from the Black community due to her disability and from the disability community due to being a person of color. As a Black woman in a wheelchair, she educated her communities about race and disability and served as a role model for many other Black disabled women.

Lacy explains the separation of the Black community with their Black disabled residents and then had to deal with the racism of the disabled community. Black disabled men and women were and still are the outcast of American society. These courageous men and women have to overcome so many obstacles just to survive and are often rejected not only by American society but the disabled community as well, which is shameful.

Following all of the Cerebral Palsy speaking protocols taught to us as a child, 1) speak slowly 2)speak clearly 3) speak loudly 4)look into the person’s eyes. That did not help at all; the young woman either refused to understand or could not understand what was being said.

This is what a person with speech disabilities went through in the mid-sixties, we are returning to this horrible era with the help and leadership of Agent Orange in Washington. The political, social, and economic, attack on The Disabled American community is returning with full force.

This has been brewing for the last few years; examples: a disabled young woman in South Carolina was brutalized by a white male in authority (school officer) in a classroom. The young lady refused to give up her cell phone in class or leave the room. The teacher called in the school’s security officer for assistance. Was the student wrong, maybe, but what gives that officer the right to lift her out of her chair and slam her to the floor, then throw her across the room like a rag doll. Yes, she was Black.

Four African American disabled men in their wheelchairs were shot and killed by police officers in four different cities and four different dates, last year but the mainstream media basically ignored these events. Question, what did they do? and were they potential threats to these police officers?

My Oakland, California wheelchair bound drug dealing (look-alike) doppelganger has put me in stressful situations with the Oakland Police Department on many occasions, questioning me and requesting identification. One wrong move by me or the police could have resulted in another tragedy

Just a few months ago a San Francisco police officer pushed a disabled man into the streets with his motorized wheelchair because he accidently (allegedly) ran over the officers foot. The officer left the man in the street with his body hanging out of his wheelchair, with his seatbelt saving him from hitting the pavement. Bystanders watching the incident finally picked him up after a few moments.

Incidents like these have been on the increase in the United States and it is troubling. When a group of people are marginalized they become expendable and incidences like these become common place AGAIN!!!.

Many people with Cerebral Palsy understand and deal with this attitude. Cerebral Palsy affects all body motor skills that include speaking, breathing, walking, and eye sight. Our culture has to educate ourselves on the differences and simalaires within our Black community that includes disabled people.

If disabled individuals do not speak up for the Black Disabled community-WHO WILL? If you do not educated the Black Community-WHO WILL?

1.) Most African Americans do not know or understand the world of the disabled and we need to enlighten the United States of America.

2.) The struggles to just survive with Cerebral Palsy with physical, social, and economic difficulties are an ongoing battle.

  1. a) Police often stop people with C.P. and ask have them have you been drinking?
  2. b) Disabled folk with C.P. have to prove repeat to teachers and educators that you are not mentally disabled-basically not stupid. If you are black, male, and disabled there is an 85% chance that child will be placed in a special education class because the school system do not want to deal with the special needs of these children. My educated mother (Hampton Institute) and father (North Carolina Agriculture & Technical University) would not allow this. The Burlington City School system tried a few times and failed to label this disabled child.
  3. c) Then think about this, white people calling Black disabled the N-word because you are Black. Then Disabled people calling Black disabled the N-Word too because people with Cerebral Palsy are in last place on the disabled political totem pole. These individuals drool on themselves, cannot control there muscle movements and cannot or are difficult to understood when speaking. Not pretty enough for the American masses who wanted quadriplegics or Jerry Lewis kids.
  4. d) Literally Black disabled people are the last one hired and the first one fired so when able bodied Black people say they are last, it is not true.
  5. e) Black fathers with disabled children with Cerebral Palsy leave the household eighty five percent of the time, leaving the mother to raise this special needs child. The mother has to do this while creating some kind of equal-ness with this family’s siblings.
  6. f) The Disabled are continued to be cast as A-SEXUAL- being. The disabled are believed to be not interested in love, REALLY- The disabled are not human, RIGHT? Americans still cannot or refuse to visualize disabled Americans having sex or children. This is the doubled standard in the Black disabled community too.

African Americans might want to read about the causes and effects of Cerebral Palsy and how they can help.

Just wanted to get Black America started.

Here are some organizations that may help

United Cerebral Palsy-

United Way-

The National Black Disability Coalition-NBDC

Black/Brown International Disability Art and Hip Hop

Krip – Hop with Leroy Moore

Black, Disabled, and Proud College Students with Disabilities- HBCU Disability Consortium

Sins Invalid- San Francisco, California

Krip Hop Nation- Berkeley, California

POOR Magazine- Oakland, California

Black Lives Matter Organization-

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Music hip hop artist Cardi B makes it clear.” Colin Kaepernick, as long as you kneel with us, we’re gonna stand for you.”  The movement has grown and has taken a life of its own.

Colin Kaepernick is becoming a bigger thorn for the National Football League with each passing week. Protest went right to their front office door in New York City on August 23. African Americans are openly stating that they will not be watching Sunday afternoon football games this year. The League has a growing problem as more players join Mr. Kaepernick in his quest for racial justice and peace.

What this strong young Black man has done is pull the covers off of hidden American racial and social agenda as it pertains to people of color and African American men in particular. The incident in Charlottesville, Virginia just made it clear America still has a long way to go.

Mr. Kaepernick made writers like me research the words of the National Anthem and the reason Francis Scott Key wrote these words.


And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
A home and a Country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Maybe author Francis Scott Key was trying to tell the country something. Number Seven, Colin Kaepernick just reminded all of us kneeling while the song was being played last year.

Some Americans are gravely offended by athletes protesting our National Anthem but at the same time are more than eager to defend the rights of Right wing, Neo Nazi, and Confederate flag wavers marching down our American streets. This is hypocrisy on the highest political and social level.

Colin Kaepernick is expressing his free speech right, just as right wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos wanting to speak at California State Universities. Kaepernick is discussing police brutality, injustice, and the racial discourse in the United States. I’m still trying to figure out what Mr. Yiannopoulos is talking about.

Mr. Kaepernick is spawning a new national conversation about race, the same conversation that should have been done many years ago. This historic event is more than football, it is more than Colin Kaepernick and the NFL is slow to recognizes this.


Is the NFL the last bastion of slavery? Yes, these players maybe rich but think about this. How many Black owners are there? How many Black General Managers or head coaches? Yet, the league is nearly 70% BLACK on the field. This is the plantation mentality modern style.

There needs to be a national boycott of the National Football League because they refuse to deal with BLACK minds and yet still use those same BLACK bodies to get rich, so please tell me what is the difference between the NFL and slavery other then getting paid? This is what Colin Kaepernick is discussing.

President Obama made a very warm and sincere statement a few months ago about the Colin Kaepernick protest.

“But I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that need to be talked about and if nothing else what he’s doing has generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about.”

Obama continued, “But I’d rather have young people engaged in the argument and trying to think through how they can be part of our democratic process than those who are just sitting on the sidelines.”

This is the difference between President Obama and President Trump. “And you know, your San Francisco quarterback,” Trump said, via TMZ. “I’m sure nobody ever heard of him. I’m just reporting the news.”  “There was an article today, it was reported that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump,” he said. “Do you believe that? I just saw that. I said, ‘If I remember that one I’m gonna report it to the people of the Kentucky because they like it when people actually stand for the American flag.’ ”

President Obama supported and defended Number Seven even thou he may not agree with all of Mr. Kaepernick’s agenda while President Trump not only trashed Mr. Kaepernick but made the story about himself.

Many believe Kaepernick remains unsigned because of his political views and actions, but he’s since ended his stance against the anthem. He’s also done work in the community, securing a plane and $1 million in aid for the needy in Somalia

Number seven has also given relief funds for the people of Houston, Texas but we won’t be hearing that from the American Press or number 45 and he still remains unsigned as the National Football League season starts. He has given high school student equipment for the year and he has set up a legal defense (Know Your Rights) project in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mr. Kaepernick has just crossed the road to immortal American history joining the ranks of Rosa Parks, Malcolm, Medger Evers, and Martin.


Send a message to the NFL turn off your television sets on Sunday afternoons, and Monday, and Thursday nights. Turn those sets off until justice is done; turn them off until there are Black owners and more Black general managers.

Use your political and economic power for change because this is what Number Seven, Colin Kaepernick is doing today.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-NEWSROOM

The ugly American has come forth in the form of Number 45.

Agent Orange is forcing the United States of America to really look at themselves. It is not a pretty picture. America has a health care problem, a tax problem, and a brewing dispute with North Korea, three hurricanes, yet this president went out of his way to attack Black sports stars for kneeling in a silent protest.

A friend of mine wrote:
“1/3rd of America, you are showing your “ugly face”, and the world is watching. When Trump disrespected a war hero, John McCain, you didn’t say he was disrespecting the military, you cheered. When Trump disrespected a fallen soldier, you didn’t say he was disrespecting the military, you cheered. When Trump announced he was banning “certain” service members from the military, you didn’t say he was disrespecting the military, you cheered. But, when black men exercise their 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest, which by the way is a CONSTITUTIONAL right that ALL military members raise their right hand to UPHOLD and PROTECT, so that those black men can silently protest, AND so that Trump can SCREEEEECH at crowds, and whine on Twitter, you jeer those black men, and say THEY are disrespecting the military. Why is it that you feel that Trump is not disrespecting the military, but feel that black men peacefully protesting racial injustices are???? The answer to that is as ugly as the “face” you are presenting to the world. 
#TakeAKnee “

flag upside 


Note: Have to give number 45 credit for unifying the National Football League, something that has not been done in 40 years. The Commissioner, team owners, General Managers, the union president, and players stood as one this past weekend.

Have to also give 45 credit for giving LeBron James, Stephan Curry, The Golden State Warriors, and The University of North Carolina Basketball Team a national platform to continue the discussion of race in the United States.

When racism raises its ugly head in this country, its leaders wrap itself in the flag, this is what Agent Orange-Number 45 has done currying the favor of the conservative right.

What number 45 did was hijacked Colin Kaepernick’s year long protest and changed the conversation. Mr. Kaepernick brought forth the issues of racism, equality, and police brutality. Number 45 hijacked and changed the narrative cloaking himself with the RED, WHITE, and BLUE ignoring the subjects that Colin Kaepernick brought forth.

NOTE: It is interesting that former quarterback Tim Tebow can take a knee for Jesus the whole season and nobody, I mean nobody said boo, but Mr. Kaepernick broke all of the rules kneeling in silence and was called an ungrateful Negro.

1st fact Caucasians do not have ownership of being patriotic, just ask the Black soldiers of World War I, World War II, and the Korean War… Ask the Black soldier who fought in the rice paddies of Viet Nam. Just ask my father George Thomas Gray, a Black United State Marine.

2nd fact we are all Americans from different backrounds and cultures , we should be helping and educating each other not sniping or throwing hateful words at each other.

Number 45 and his base want to ignore all of these facts and then ignore the fact that unarmed black males are being shot and killed by police, ignoring the fact that wage disparities between black and white that still exist, and the fact that injustices in court are still part of the American system and the growing ignorance about race.

It is too hard for Number 45 and his followers because they want to go back to the past. With the cloak phrase “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, we all know what that means.

The National Football League made that clear the third weekend of the season with teams locking arms, kneeling, or just not coming out of the locker room during the anthem. Stating that, we (NFL) are not with you, Mr. President. The NFL stated we are not backing down. This is the only language Number 45 understands.

The United States of America might have to do some real soul searching and ask itself, do we really want to act like this, history will give the world the answer. Will we keep that ugly face or become the nation that we can truly be.

America can be better; we will survive with or without Number 45.

God Bless the United States.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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freedom torch

Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Newsroom-Staff Reporter

The United States of America is on the verge of a political and social breakdown. It is no longer about the right or the left, no longer about Democrat or Republican. It’s about our nation and its leader at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his mental state. The man from New York City doubled down on his statements about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on Monday August 14th. He did not call out the White supremacist and in a sneaky backhanded way tried to blame the counter-protesters for the violence.

Question, why would you bring chains, bricks, bats, guns, and wear combat helmets to a protest? The right wing has no answer.

Many Americans including my father are in disbelief and shock that this president is currently defending White Nationalist and fascism. These veterans faced death every day in the South Pacific and Germany to free the world in the 1940 global war.  These 80 and 90 year olds are upset that this dark political force has re-entered the United States.

NAZI 45credit@sirmitchell 

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah stated “We should call evil by its name. My brother didn’t give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home.”

America’s top-ranking military officers spoke out against racial bigotry and extremism. It was a rare public foray into domestic politics, revealing growing unease at the Pentagon with some of Number 45’s policies and views. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all posted messages on their official Twitter accounts to denounce the far right extremist behind Saturdays violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

General Milley said, “The Army does not tolerate racism, extremism, or hatred in our ranks. It’s against our values and everything we’ve stood for since 1775.”

The message did not mention Number 45; the rebuke seemed clear after the furor over the president’s insistence that “both sides” were to blame for the violence around the rally.

Admiral Richardson stated “The Navy will forever stand against intolerance and hatred. We want our Navy to be the safest possible place-a team as strong and tough as we can be, saving violence only for our enemies.”

  The message from America’s military leaders had special resonance because several of those who played prominent roles in the far right rally had served in uniform.

Marine commandant General Neller stated “No place for racial hatred or extremism in USMC”

Air Force General Goldfein tweeted he stood “with my fellow service chiefs in saying that we’re always stronger together.”

The military has also moved to publicly disavow White nationalists who were photographed wearing military-affiliated clothing or gear.

CNN reporter Don Lemon could not have made it clearer.  “The history of this country came out of racism, it came out of slavery and those people who were there (protesting)  want to keep people like me enslaved.

That’s why they are protesting. And to talk about the removal of monuments at Robert E. Lee High School. Can you imagine having to go to school that has the name of your oppressor on it? Or walking into a building and seeing a Confederate flag? (EVERYDAY)

 Imagine you’re a Jewish person in Germany and you had to go to Hitler High School or Goebbels Elementary School or Middle School. That would be completely offensive to you on the deepest level and that’s how people of color feel in this country. When we have to deal with figures like Robert E. Lee, like Confederate flags, it is no different than flying a swastika. It is insulting.

The president is ignorant of history, he does not know context. He should be ashamed of himself. He should go back to school and get an elementary education on how this country started and about protest groups and how this country works and who he represents and who he should represent.

So for Republicans: When is enough, enough? What is the breaking point? What is the moral compass of your party? Who is the moral conscience and compass of this country right now? WE ARE LEADERLESS, MORALLY.”     

This is another racial wakeup call for everybody just as there was a call to end segregation, a call to end Jim Crow, a call for voter’s rights, a call for equal education now there is now a call to end the Radical Right or Alt Right Movement.

The last time the world citizens were silent against white nationalists, more than six million people died and the Jewish Nation does not let anyone forget.

Months ago the man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue told everybody what he was going to do. NOBODY believed him. He stated ” I can shoot somebody in the middle of a New York street and they would still vote for me.”

We now have a man in the White House that has little or no compassion for anybody outside of his own culture.

Number 45 used every political racial dog whistle he could find and used it for eight months to gain the White House.

He also stated 25 years ago that he could run as a Republican candidate for president and win because their fan base was not intelligent…

He has told his followers during the 2016 presidential campaign to beat and punch people then throw them out of his rallies if they did not agree. That was a warning sign. America did not listen. Does this sound familiar?

My history teacher in Edgewater Park, New Jersey told the eighth grade history class if we don’t pay attention to past history we are doomed to repeat it, we are on our way to repeating the 1930-1940 German national mistake.

We now have a person with a moral credibility issue, a person who has no conscience, and a bully. Just as Germany promoted Adolf Hitler, to lead their country into war, America put a business man in office to lead the country into a state of continuing confusion.

Number 45 claimed that Barack Obama was born in Africa only to recant that near the end of the campaign. He told a story that thousands of Moslems in New Jersey cheered when the Twin Towers fell September 11th.  He repeated the claim that three million to five million illegal votes caused him to lose the popular vote. He calls the news media he does not like fake news. These are just some of the inaccurate statements this country’s leader has stated.


white privilege

When the United States deals with this openly and honestly we as a nation can move forward. Number 45 is a recipient of White Privilege; his father gave him lots of money to start his own company.

The current President has taken more vacations and has spent more money on security in 8 months then the former President, Barack Obama took in 8 years, guess who complained the loudest about President Obama’s vacation and security details? NUMBER 45

1.) White males can create problems in the street marching with Confederate and Nazi Flags all day and then fade into the community without a trace.

2.) White males have friends in the police department. For example, how many officers are sitting in jail for shooting anybody by mistake?

3.) Flying the confederate flag 160 years after the war to intimidate people. THEY LOST, at least that is what we are told. Question, when was the last time the losing side of any war kept flying their flag?

It is interesting on Saturday these young Caucasians carried and marched with the Confederate Flag along with the Nazi swastika flag. Is this not respecting America?HMMMM!!! Then again that is the privilege card.


This president has not been fair on this issue and it has to be addressed. Number 45 has targeted immigrants from South America and Central America and wants to send them home.

He targets individuals from Islamic States like Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan but he never mentions the undocumented immigrants from Mainland China or Indo-China that move to Washington State, California, and Arizona.

He never speaks about the undocumented immigrants that fly in from Eastern Europe and Russia without legal papers and stay in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Central Pennsylvania.  We all have to ask why?

Number 45 focuses on Latino and Muslim undocumented immigrants because they are defenseless and poor. He focuses on them because they are brown. He focuses on them because they are mostly manual laborers. One group is looking for a better life in the United States the other group fleeing from the horrors of war. Number 45 thinks they cannot help his business so he has no use for them. They are expendable. This is the new attitude in Washington. What this president does not understand that there are Latin American and Muslim American nurses, doctors, lawyers, and politicians that truly make America great.


President Kennedy spoke about this issue over 60 years ago. This is how a real President shuts down racism.

 This Nation was founded by many nations and backgrounds.

It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal and the rights of every man is diminished when the rights of one man are threaten.

It ought to be possible, in short, for every American, to enjoy the privilege to be American without regard to his race or color.

In short, every American ought to have the right to be treated as he wish to be traded as one wished his children to be treated.

But this is not the case. 100 years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not truly free. They are not yet freed from the bonds of injustice.

They are not yet freed from social and economic oppression. And this nation for all of its hopes and all of its boast will not be fully free until all of its citizens are free.

We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the Scriptures and is a clear as the American Constitution.

It cannot be met with by repressive police action. It cannot be left to increased demonstrations in the streets. It cannot be quieted by token moves or talk.

It is a time to act in the Congress, in your state, and local legislative bodies, and above all in all of our daily lives.

Those who do nothing are inviting shame as well as violence. Those who act boldly and recognizing right as well as reality.”      

While all of this is going on The American Justice Department is requesting information on Americans who protested at Number 45’s inauguration in Washington, D.C. eight months ago and who visited the web site DreamHost.com who had information coordination Inauguration Day protest. There is a chill covering America.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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negroes america hates

Gary Norris Gray-BASN-NEWSROOM-Staff Reporter

Who does America hate more? The United States of America created the inequities with its Black population and compounded the problem with white supremacy, racism, and white male privilege. Every decade there is a new list of Black American men that this country despises.

This decade it is, Orenthal James O.J. Simpson, Mike Vick, Colin Kaepernick, Bill Cosby, or President Barack Obama. These five individuals have one thing in common and the United States of America has to come to terms with itself. This country has to come to terms with its double standard. Caucasian Americans see it this way Cosby, OJ, and Vick are all guilty of pretty horrific crimes. All three of these males are a threat to their secure America. Obama and Kaepernick are both so called distant heroes because they do not threaten that security. White Americans continue to see it this way because they are told that Black males cannot be heroes.

                     rise-fall-o-simpson   O.J. Simpson1228670_APTOPIX_OJ_Simpson_Parole_3-250x250

Let’s begin with “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.” O.J. Simpson from Northern California Bay Area and the city of San Francisco at Galileo High School. Simpson became a football star with the University of Southern California football team. The Trojans gained fame with NCAA records, a National Football Championship in 1967, and the Heisman Trophy in 1968.

In 1979 he divorced his first wife Marguerite and five years later marry Nicole Brown that same year he was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Marguerite would have kept O.J. out of trouble. Nicole was too young to understand the racial, political, and economic dynamics around this marriage, add drugs to the mix and BOOM.

America had no feelings for Simpson until Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Mr. Ronald Goldman were found dead outside of her Los Angeles – Brentwood condominium on July 12, 1994. Simpson was and still is the only suspect in this case. This are the hypocrisies of the United States if Mr. Simpson had killed his first wife who was BLACK nobody in America would have notice or cared. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Mr. Simpson became public enemy number one with the help of the American news media. The attack on African American men had just started with Simpson became the easy symbol for white America because he (allegedly) killed one of their golden girls. Women did not like Simpson because he was an (alleged) abuser and African Americans did not like him because he wanted nothing to do with Black America. Simpson was isolated from his community, isolated from his culture, with a streak of anger expressed through football became his downfall.

America still hates O.J. (guilty until proven innocent) because this country still believes he got away with double murder. The American press did not inform the American public about the drug issues with this family and the South American connection until after the conclusion of the trail. Remember facts get in the way of the truth.

The troubling racial feelings are returning twenty years later at his televised parole hearing for burglary and armed robbery charges with the potential release from a Las Vegas jail cell in October, the racist venom has begun to flow once again.

KnowYourRightsSweatshirt.jpg  Colin Kaepernick

Black males who take a positive stance on behalf of African Americans receive a negative image for life. This has been historical.

Number two quarterback Colin Kaepernick wanted to make a statement to the United States of America. He thought taking a knee during the Star Spangled Banner before San Francisco 49ers football games would be the most efficient way to communicate this message. The message is that too many unarmed Black men were being shot and killed in this country.

Many Americans lost their minds because Mr. Kaepernick did not respect the country’s national song. A song that has a racial tone in the third stanza, “Just play football and don’t get political.”  That had been the mantra for white fans who were upset with Black athletes for over 60 years.

This is what Black men are supposed to do just play their sport. Kaepernick thumped at the heart of America’s problem respecting Black men.

At the start of the 2016 season he was voted the most disliked player in the National Football League by the fans but his fellow teammates voted him the most courageous for his political stance. HMMMMM interesting. Kaepernick did not drink and drive, kill anybody, rape anybody, or broken any NFL laws.

Number seven received death threats for his freedom of speech. Burning his jersey became normal all over the country, while at the same time his jersey became the number one selling jersey for the 49ers. HMMMMMM Apparently the flag is more important than human lives, apparently the racist words in the third stanza in our anthem does not matter either.

Boomer Esiason former quarterback and MVP for the Cincinnati Bengals called Kaepernick’s actions an embarrassment to the N. F. L. I guess Boomer forgot what Muhammad Ali, Carlos and Smith, and WNBA stars Seimone Augustus and Maya Moore stood for.

Mr. Kaepernick now helps the people of Africa with relief food and funds. The Mission of The Colin Kaepernick Foundation is to fight oppression of all kinds globally, through education and social activism. This fine brother is the football version of Roberto Clemente.

          mike vick    Michael Vick

Number three former quarterback Michael Vick showed how America’s deep emotion of hate toward African American males.

At the time Vick was the highest paid player in the league (DO NOT FORGET THIS) and one of the best quarterbacks ever on the field, changing the landscape of this position forever from a drop back passer to a running quarterback.

Vick had to be brought back down to earth because he was changing the landscape in the game and the white ownership did not like it. Vick made the issue of a Black quarterback as their leader; this conversation would not go away. Who is the defacto field general? THE QUARTERBACK, and the owners did not want that to be a BLACK man.

Once again with the help of the American news media Vick became enemy number one. The American public used dog fighting to fling hate arrows at Vick. The media did not inform the public that there were other football players had their hands in dog fighting but why brother when you have the attention of Middle America.

The American press did not inform the masses about the events at dog racing tracks sponsored by the Pittsburgh Steeler ownership where dogs are ethnicized everyday. No, it’s easier to slay a Black man then to defend helpless dogs running around the track. NOT A WORD!!!!

Dogs became more important than Black men and just another reason why BLACK LIVES MATTERS. Now before we get get crazy I love dogs so don’t go there.

0520-hugh-hefner-bill-cosby-tmz-5                                                                      Bill Cosby

Let’s begin with this statement nobody has the right to violate another person’s body no-matter what the cause or situation.

Bill Cosby (allegedly) drugged and rapped over fifty women. Cosby is currently in court with numerous sexual assault charges. One thing African American males must understand and comprehend they cannot indulge in the same activities as white males. Black Males are not equal in the eyes of the United States and Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Mike Vick, Colin Kaepernick, and O.J. Simpson understand this now. Are they all bad guys? Maybe, did they commit the crime? Maybe, but they are not given the same opportunities as white defendants or the chance to be tried by their peers (Black people)? NO, and that is the hypocrisies in this great land.

Bill Cosby real crime was trying to purchase (NBC) the National Broadcasting Company, a major broadcasting network. His real crime was to inform the Black nation what was going on through mass television media. It could not happen, question how do you receive information quickly, it’s through the television mass media Bill Cosby knew this  understood this and wanted to use this.

Hypocrisies- White male directors, producers, and television presidents have used the casting couch repeatedly to find new young female actors and very few said a word. Bill Cosby (allegedly) just followed the script but he became a sexual predator, excuse me what is Hugh Hefner-(Playboy Inc.), Stephan Collins-(Seventh Heaven) or the difference between Baltimore running back Raven Ray Rice compared to New York Football Giant kicker Josh Brown. Rice was suspended not once but twice while Mr. Brown got a new contract from the Giant Football organization. Rice did not play a single game after the girlfriend-elevator incident while Mr. Brown’s domestic problems followed him to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.


Mr. Cosby -Mr. Huxtables-The upward mobile and educated Black Family-Mr. American Family, the Cosby Kids and lovable joking actor, producer, and director threaten America’s security trying to acquire a national network (NBC) and make Black America Great Again through information.

president obama                                                               President Barack Obama

Last and the most threading figure in America today dared America with the “Audacity of Hope.” He challenge America and asked why not a Black man leading the country? He put forth a vision for the future. This man instilled pride and joy in a community that was in dire need of a positive male image outside of sports. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama the esteem Black junior senator from Illinois ascended to the highest office in the country, the President of the United States of America from 2008 to 2016. This mixed cultured gentleman gave hope to many American children not just African American kids who now could truly say I want to be president and mean it.

This event upset that racial apple cart and the United States turned to a business man in 2016 that would “Make America Great Again,” what he really meant was make America white again. This country had to regain that power and control with the snake oil salesmen Donald J. Trump.

In 2017 the racial hate towards African American men continues to flow in the United States of America.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Gary Norris Gray- BASN Newsroom-Staff Reporter

All of the weak shooters and sloppy goaltenders have vacated the playoffs. Now it becomes a game of skill and grace. It now becomes a race for the Cup.

The Montreal Canadiens might be rethinking that monster trade a year ago sending the talented P.K. Subban to Nashville for the older, taller, defenseman Shea Weber. Many Canadian fans may never forgive the Montreal brain trust after the Habs lost to the New York Rangers in six games. The regenerated Nashville Predators moved on to the second round for the first time in their short history with P.K. Subban as their defensive leader. Montreal learned a lesson you can’t teach, it’s called heart. The Montreal Canadiens might have the best goalie on the planet (Carey Price) but P.K. Subban is the best defenseman in the National Hockey League.

The Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks, and Montreal Canadiens all went down hard and unexpected in the first round.

The Boston Bruins made too many mental errors early with delay of game penalties. The Ottawa Senators capitalized on those mistakes to take the series.

The Chicago Blackhawks were simply outscored 13-3 in four games. Despite this loss in Blackhawk land fans should be happy with their rebuilding program, as it points out the probable future success.

On the west coast, this could be the end of the Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture, and Patrick Marleau era in San Jose as the Sharks made another early exit. This time as the young upstart Edmonton Oilers took them out. The Sharks might have problems in net as goalie Martin Jones was not impressive letting in 3 easy goals during this series. The new players of the Edmonton Oilers and the new Toronto Maple Leafs are the wave of the future.


Nashville vs. St. Louis

Edmonton vs. Anaheim


Ottawa vs. New York

Pittsburgh vs. Washington


The National Hockey League blew this one. The number one team in the east will be playing the number two, instead of by conference. This matchup could happen again. It is not fair for the teams (Washington-Pittsburgh) that have worked hard all season to win their division and get these high seeds only to have face each other in the second round. The playoff system was cute to watch the first four years with close rivalries, but it is time to go back to the old 1 through 8 seeding in conference, not division.

That being stated the Washington Capitols should shake off the President’s Trophy Curse (Best record) and defeat the injury-rattled Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Penguins should be called the MASH unit of the NHL with Matt Murray, Chad Ruhwedel, Chris Kunitz, Carl Hagelin, and Kris Letang all on the injured reserve list.

The Penguins continue to use Marc-Andre Fleury in net when everybody knows that Matt Murray is the future net-minder. Murray will not play in this series.

Goal Brother Defenseman Trevor Daley had a good series against the Columbus Blue Jackets, initiating Pittsburgh rushes for scoring chances. Pens need Kris Letang in this series to help Pittsburgh’s defense.

The Washington Capitols might have finally found a way to win. The rested Braden Holtby in the Capitols net could be the key to victory for the men in red. Backup goaltender Philipp Grubauer really helped Washington during that mid-season run.

Kevin Shattenkirk stopped the speed of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the last series. Can he do it again against Pittsburgh?

Washington is number one this year in defense; they will need it against Pittsburgh. The two headed monster in net will have to stop Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin AGAIN.

The Capitol firepower will have to come from Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and T.J. Oshie. Justin Williams earned stardom with three critical goals in the Toronto series.

The Capitols are 1-7 vs. Pittsburgh so the odds are in favor of number 8-Ovechkin and crew in our nation’s capitol.

Washington finally enters the conference final with upset victory over Pittsburgh. Caps find a way.



The Original Six of Hockey are down to one, the orphan child, the New York Rangers who will play the upstart Ottawa Senators. This will be a knockdown drag-out defensive struggle with two great goalies; Mr. Craig Anderson for the Sens and the self anointed King Henrik Lundqvist for the Blueshirts. If you like low-scoring games, this is the series to watch.

For those who don’t know, I call Craig Anderson “Mr. Anderson,” in reference to the 1990 movie “The Matrix.” The way he defends and moves in the net reminds me of Keanu Reeves mysterious character.

The Senators block teams at the blue line, disrupting the offensive flow, as the Boston Bruins found that out the hard way. The New York Rangers have to watch out for Ottawa’s LONG strong stretch-passing late in games, zipping the puck into the offensive zone creating scoring chances before the defensemen can react. The Bruins never found the answer and lost. The Rangers could be looking at the same fate if they don’t find a way to stop this.

The Senators are the New Jersey Devils twin. Ottawa employs the 1-3-1 zone just like New Jersey in their glory days. The League outlawed the left wing lock defense so this is the next best thing.  The lock is a defensive strategy. This strategy is very much like New Jersey’s neutral zone trap.

This is when the puck changes possession and the left winger slides back with his two defensemen into their zone pushing the offense into the left side boards squeezing the team into a box or into a given area. This tactic also ended the odd man rush to the goalie.  The Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils were masters at this, and were defensive teams of the year. When the Devils played the Wings for the Cup in 1995 (strike shorten season) the league decided to change the rules because scoring had dropped 35 per cent. The 1-3-1 is now the modern version of the Left Wing Lock.

The Ottawa Senators might be scrambling to find offense and defense with the foot injury (hairline fracture) to defenseman Captain Erik Karlsson. This hurts Ottawa because he is the heart of the team.

The Ranger right wingers are on fire.  Mats Zuccarello and Jesper Fast are playing well and center Rick Nash finally showed up to defeat the Montreal Canadiens.

My heart is with the Senators but my mind is with the Rangers.



The Edmonton Oilers are in good hands with young center rookie Connor McDavid who has Mila Lucic on his left and Jordan Eberle on his right; it’s a speed skating scoring machine.. McDavid is one of the fastest skaters I’ve seen in a while.  Toronto’s Auston Matthews is another player as the new wave continues to change the landscape of the NHL

Goalie Cam Talbot played well against San Jose but this writer is not impressed with his play in the net, he could be the Oilers weakest link. The Anaheim Ducks will exploit this weakness because they will pressure the Edmonton defense. The two-headed Duck monster in the nets with Josh Gibson and Jonathan Bernier could stop the young Oilers.

The Ducks are powerful up the middle with centers Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Kesler. The player to watch in this series would be right winger Patrick Eaves.

This series will come down to experience for the Anaheim Ducks vs.  The young Oilers, this will be the first time in ten years for Edmonton in the playoffs.

Watch the Conner McDavid-Ryan Kesler matchup in this series.



The St. Louis Blues are kind of “the new kid on the block” and are the first expansion team to make it to the Finals, four years in a row in the early 1970’s. Nashville is really the new version. The Blues played in the old Checker Dome but could not beat any of the Original Six. The past seven years they had to deal with another one of the Original Six, the Chicago Blackhawks. Some hockey fans are calling the Blues snake- bitten but this year they defeated the Minnesota Wild in the first round in a spirited series. They are just happy not to meet the red, black, and white of Chicago-AGAIN.

The Nashville Predators are part of the last NHL expansion package in 1998 with the Florida Panthers, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, the relocation of the Minnesota North Stars to Dallas to become the Stars, and the Quebec Nordiques to Colorado to become the Avalanche. The next season two more teams would move before the league finally settled down, the old Winnipeg Jets moved to Arizona to become the Phoenix Coyotes and the Hartford Whalers moved to North Carolina to become the Carolina Hurricanes.

The St. Louis Blues and the St. Louis Cardinals are the only two professional teams in town and they do not have to share the Gateway City fan base with the old St. Louis Rams. The Blues have the second best goalie in the mid-west Jake Allen, but Allen has to share the spotlight with Chicago’s Cory Crawford.

The first line for St. Louis is the key for victory. Right winger David Perron, Center Paul Stastny, and left winger Alexander Steen must produce. Right winger Goal Brother Ryan Reaves and center Patrik Berglund are the players to watch in this series.

Reaves is the de-facto enforcer because of his size and many teams respect his play on the ice.

For Nashville this will be their first trip to the second round. Goal Brother defenseman P.K. Subban has changed the culture for the Predators. Subban gives the line in front of him the confidence and drive to make aggressive moves. If that line makes a mistake they know that P.K. will cover up for that mistake.

Left winger Filip Forsberg reminds me of another Forsberg, Peter who played with the Colorado Avalanche many moons ago. Filip carries the same swagger on the ice as Peter.

The Preds power line would be Right winger James Neal, Center Mike Fisher, and Left winger Kevin Fiala. Success are in defensemen Ryan Ellis and Yannick Weber hands. This team can shut-down any team with that strong defense.

Goaltender Pekka Rinne has become hot at the right time and could guide Nashville to the Western Conference Finals. A hot goaltender can carry a team to the Stanley Cup Finals; so far Rinne has been standing on his head the past month. For those who do not know what standing on his head means, it means the goalie is stopping every puck he sees.


Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Newsroom Staff Reporter

These are the following nine reason African Americans are still slaves in the United States, yet some people say ALL LIVES MATTER. If that were true, everybody would be working to change the criminal justice system. This justice system only reinforces institutional racism: propping up white supremacy.

Black people are imprisoned in exceptionally high numbers.

 People should be asking how 12.5 percent of America’s population can be 54 percent of America’s prison population. That is 2.3 million BLACK people.

The numbers exploded during President Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs but what the American media will never tell you, is how those drugs came into America.

NOW THINK REALLY HARD. How many African Americans owned a boat or a plane in 1970’s?

Black people are more likely to be arrested for nonviolent offenses.

Question, how many white individuals get arrested for Jay-walking, DWB, Driving While Black, selling loose cigarettes on the streets, or walking in the middle of the street? Black people are 3.2% more likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana than their white peers, even though blacks and whites use the drug at similar rates.

The wheel of justice turns very fast for Blacks but slowly for whites when it comes to penalties for crack cocaine vs. powder cocaine. African Americans receive a five year sentence for crack cocaine while suburban Caucasians get five months or less for powder cocaine. This is the American justice system.   

New Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions appears to be seeking a return to higher incarceration rates. Will this really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

Black people are more likely to be sentenced to death for crimes against white people.

White citizens who kill Black people receive lesser sentences at trial (life in prison) than when African Americans take a white life (death row).

The death penalty was reinstated in 1976: 80% of people who have been executed have been put to death for crimes against white people. Again, the news media will never inform the American public about this fact.  Blacks and whites are likely to be murder victims at roughly equal rates.

Black people are less likely to be judged by a jury of their peers in criminal trials.

All- white-juries are commonplace in the American court system, but it is rarely seen an all-Black-jury at a criminal trial. Is this equality under the law for African Americans? The law states you shall be judged by your peers. African Americans never get this opportunity. Government studies have found that racism is common in jury selection.

Black children are more likely to be disciplined in school than their white peers.

African American children are sometimes physically assaulted and are assessed harsher punishment by school authorities when that child breaks any rule.

Black children are suspended and expelled from school twice as much as their white counterparts for the same offense.

This begins the school-to-prison pipeline which starts at preschool. The path to incarceration begins.


Each day, 500,000 people fill America’s jails awaiting trial because they are too poor to afford bail.

 Americans technically are innocent until proven guilty, but if you are poor that can be a problem, because they are sent to jail until their trial date because they do not have the funds for bail. The Vera Institute found that 50% of people awaiting trial couldn’t afford bail of $2,500 or less.

Even Black men who do not have criminal records are less likely to be hired for jobs than white men who’ve been convicted of felonies.

Discrimination runs rampant in the job market. NBC News reported in 2015 that if the applicant had an African sounding name he/she did not get a second interview but white individuals with European names received phone calls after the first interview. This was also true with apartment hunting in major cities.

Key findings include:

  • Both Black and Hispanic men were less likely to receive a positive response from employers—including a call back or email for an interview or a job offer—compared with white men.
  • Men with criminal records were more likely than women with criminal records to receive a negative response from employers.
  • White men with a criminal record had more positive responses than Black men with no criminal record.

Black Disabled Americans are literally the last hired and the first fired.

The Disabled Revolution of the 1970s favored most white disabled community and left African American disabled folk behind. Many leaders of the movement stated that they modeled their revolution after the Civil Rights Movement, but they forgot one thing: BLACK PEOPLE. America’s Black disabled had to play the game of catching up in the 1980s. African American disabled women fared much better then disabled Black males.

Mental health assistance is not as available in the African American communities as it is in the white communities.

The recent murder on Easter Sunday of 75-year-old Mr. Robert Godwin in Cleveland by a distraught African American, Steve Stevens and who later suicide in Erie, Pennsylvania just magnifies this problem of mental health in the Black communities.



In World War I and World War II, African-Americans were sent overseas to defend our nation. They all went there, abled and willing to fight against fascism.

These young men were fighting for freedom in a foreign land and when they came home to America they did not have that same freedom. Under the Red, White, and Blue these veterans returned to be second class citizens AGAIN…

Shannon Sharp explains why Colin Kaepernick is protesting, kneeling for the National Anthem.

Mr. Sharp makes it clear why Kaepernick is taking that knee.

Mr. Sharp states, Some Americans insist that Black Lives Don’t Matter but All Lives Do…Now think about these Black men who go to Germany to fight for people who they have nothing in common with and gain their freedom, only to return home and sit in the back of the bus for 15 more years. DOES THIS MATTER?

Black men are being killed, beat up, shot, and arrested for noncompliance, when white criminals who stab, kill, and rape get tased, pepper sprayed, and handcuffed. In other words they live to tell the story. DOES THIS MATTER?

Another young white male travels miles and miles then walks into a church in South Carolina and joins their prayer group. He stands up and shots nine members to death, premeditated. The arresting officers take this young man to Burger King because he is hungry…BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER…

Noncompliance to a Black man is a death sentence.

Mr. Sharp continues: If I don’t tell you my Religion, If I don’t tell you my political affiliation, If I don’t tell you my mom’s name, The one thing that I’ve been for 48 years is Black and that’s what America sees.

Americans don’t see my religion, they don’t see my orientation, they don’t grasp my political affiliation, but they see the Black skin.

This is what upsets many African Americans: the double standard that permeates the country.

In 2008 President Barack Obama tried to invite the United States into a bi-racial community, a multi-racial family.  It did not happen and President Donald J. Trump is currently pushing in the opposite direction, creating a clear racial division among Americans. The forces of white supremacy would not let President Obama succeed.

Slavery is still here under a new name, and new political, social, and economic face. This country lacks a moral compass when it comes to the issue of race.

This is a sad commentary on the United States of America.

Special Thanks to Jamilah King-Sr. Editor of MicDaily

The Justice Center-The Council of State Governments

Arizona State University

Shannon Sharp

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at garyngray@blackathlete.com


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