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OAKLAND, CA- With the recent political, racial, and social events happening across the United States, Americans are asking what country do we live in? Are we in the 1960’s?
This is a battle for people of color. This is a battle for RESPECT; This is a battle for the right to the pursuit of happiness. This is a battle to be HUMAN. It has not been going well since President Barack Hussein Obama II stepped into the White House in 2008. The election of our 44th President opened the doors for racism to stream across our land. Americans were allowed to speak their minds when it came to race and they have done so.
Native American activist Amanda Blackhorse, a plaintiff in the litigation against the Washington Football Club’s “Redskin” mascot, makes a powerful argument about why the mascot litigation is important given all the other problems facing Native Americans. Writing for Indian Country Today Media Network, Ms. Blackhorse stated that the overarching battle is against dehumanization.
Ms. Blackhorse is from the Navajo Nation in Arizona has been waging this legal battle against the Washington Football Club and The National Football League four over eight years, she states that:-
If we are not respected as human beings how can we be respected when dealing with politics and/or economics? It makes it harder to be seen as leaders, advocates, and people who want real change to happen in our communities if you are seen as just a person who dances at pow wows and viewed as a mere relic of old cowboy and Indian movies. Of course this is not the case in every situation when dealing with non-Natives and government, but it seems to be a common misconception of Native people, which transcends into politics and government
If you listen to the Gray Leopard Cove on Saturday afternoons on Blog Talk Radio it has been repeated many times that the United States of America will have to come to grips with race with a national conference on race with minorities leading the form while President Obama is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence is not helping passing the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act which targets gay and lesbian residents of the state of Indiana. The Governor stated that this bill grants religious freedom and is not a discrimination bill, but just ask the (LBGT) Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, community. This opens the door for any business in their state to refuse service just because they think that you could be a member of the GLBT community.
The University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon-fraternity Kappa Chapter outing.(pun intended) SAE Members sung racist epithets on a bus traveling to their yearly Founders Day gathering. These young men created images of Black people hanging from trees in these songs. Racism is alive and well in the United States.
The mounting number of deaths of African American males by police officers in the states of Ohio, California, Missouri, Florida, and New York, ALLEGEDLY. Black men are losing their lives on the platform of the Fruitvale (BART) Bay Area Rapid Transit Station, on the playgrounds of Cleveland and on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri and Miami, Florida.
The Washington Football Club and it’s owner continue the defiance to change the name, REDSKIN, a name that has been defined in the dictionary as derogatory and offensive. Racism extends towards our Native American brothers and sisters, reducing them to a mascot or logo.
Last the immigration fight by the legislators in Washington, D.C. against Latino-Hispanic Americans that want to stay in the Land of Liberty. You can clean our house, care for our children, fix our automobiles, and farm our lands but…..
Our Native American Brothers and Sisters are fighting the same battles. Native American as Ms. Amanda Blackhorse makes it very clear in her recent article “THIS IS WHAT DEHUMANIZATION LOOKS LIKE” with her 18 points.
1. The land grabbing of indigenous lands
2. The raping, violence, and hatred directed at indigenous women and children
3. The poisoning of our water
4. The desecration of our ancestor’s bones and graves
5. Each “redskin” (hair, scalp, nose, ears, genitals, and skin) taken off of an indigenous person
6. Each child taken from the arms of their parents and grandparents for the sake of “killing the Indian and saving the man”
7. Each treaty that was not honored
8. Every acre of land stolen from indigenous people
9. Every law passed since the Doctrine of Discovery for the sake of Manifest Destiny
10. Every religion stuffed down the throats of indigenous men and women for the sake of colonization
11. Each small pox blanket
12. Every head of hair chopped off in boarding schools and residential schools
13. The forced mining, fracking and desecration of indigenous lands yesterday and today
14. The sterilization of Indigenous women by Indian Health Service
15. Each tribe which no longer exists due to the attempted extermination of Indigenous people
16. Each tribal person who was exiled and relocated to urban communities
17. Each person who has been subjected to alcoholism in the name of poor business or poor treaty deals
18. Each Native person who has been experimented on and exploited for their blood, bodies, and DNA
Take a close look at each point these are some of the same issues that African Americans and The Gay community are struggling with everyday.
Also add the lack of concern by the American public when it comes to the issues of missing young African, Asian, and Native American women.
Ms. Blackhorse has been cited and criticized by others because she is messing with their beautiful 1950’s America image. She is forcing Americans to re-think racial and social issues.
Quite often when speaking out and educating others about the mascot issue, the same question is asked, “Why are you people worried about mascots? Don’t you have bigger issues to worry about on the reservations
This is the same political and social tactic America takes with crime in the United States. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME which is an oxymoron. Question, Do you ever hear the news media state WHITE ON WHITE CRIME, NO, but as First Officer of the Starship Enterprise Mr. Spock states; “That would be logical” Why? Because there are more white residents in the United States then Black. So logically there would be more white on white events then Black but don’t tell the American public that because it ruins a good story. A story that continues to dehumanizes African Americans the same treatment as Native America/First Nation.
Ms. Blackhorse makes it clear again that we are in this fight together.
Oh yes, the bigger issues question. What most people seem to be referring to are the many issues which plague Native American communities. Societal problems such as violence against women, suicide, alcoholism, high unemployment rates on reservations, poverty, etc. Many of these issues have been highlighted throughout the history of Native American people, through various studies, articles, documentaries, movies, so on and so on.
The same issues are African American. Example many do not know that the Lone Ranger-Bess Reeves a 1900 Oklahoma lawman was an African American and yes his partner was a Native America-Tonto a Potawatomi Indian, there was a Black American President before Mr. Obama.
Many African Americans believe that Senator John Hanson of Maryland was the first Black President of the United States. Henson was also the First President of the Continental Congress. It is still unclear.
These are positive role models but American History writers will not print these stories because this country continues psychologically warfare on minorities.
Demonizing Black males and dehumanizing Native Americans have been consistent the past ten years. Police officer Darren Wilson called Michael Brown a monster, a demon, which needed to be put down. Eric Gardner was called an elephant making the victim an animal. Five officers dragged him to the ground in the process of choking him to death. The military brainwashes its troops to make the enemy an animal so it will be easier to kill without conscience. This is happening all over the United States when it relates to minority citizens.
That is why it is so easy to have Native American names for its sports teams. Question what other minority has a professional team named after them? Answer, The Santa Barbara Gauchos, The San Diego State Aztecs, The University of Pennsylvania Quakers, The Idaho Vandals, The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, The Syracuse Orangemen, The New York Cubans, and The New York Black Yankees, are a few names.
In 1968 there were over 5, 000 schools that used Native American names. In 2015 The United States cut that number to 350. The tide is slowly turning but not fast enough for some minority Americans.
The Washington Football Club and owner Dan Snyder could be a beacon of light and vision in solving a small part of a disparaging and degrading sports image. Changing the name would send a message to Americans that it is time to move forward.
Again Ms. Blackhorse makes it clear:-
And allow me to drive home this point: using the ‘bigger issues’ excuse is just that, an excuse. It is an excuse that is counter-productive and does nothing to solve the greater problem of the oppression of Native people and racism directed at Native people. It’s an excuse to be apathetic and to deny a problem really exists. If you are not engaged in addressing those bigger issues you should not be using the bigger issues excuse. If you happen to be working on those bigger issues and still do not agree then let’s agree to disagree, and also understand that just because this isn’t your struggle, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a struggle for your fellow Native people.
African Americans hear the consistent beat that Black people are too sexual, criminals, not intelligent, lazy, athletic, dance like animals, and are loud. NOT HUMAN!!!!
When America colonized the Hawaiian Islands the residents were informed they could no longer perform their cultural dances or speak their native language. The woman had to wear tops to cover their breast. The Hawaiians had to conform to the Western Cultural morals.
African Americans are the second group in the United States that were strip of their land. But Blacks suffered more the lost of their culture, food, religion, and language. This country continues to do likewise with Native Americans. It is not working, Native Americans/First Nation are fighting back with tenacity and pride.
THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER and THE WASHINGTON FOOTBALL CLUB will change it’s name. It is now just a matter of time.
The Gray Leopard Cove Salute, Amanda Blackhorse and the Native American political activist movement.
Excerpts from:-
The Telegraph- United Kingdom
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network on Disabled Community Activist. Email at
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Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter
This past week the Lancaster School Board of New York struck a blow for Native Americans. This decision to abandon the Redskin name and logo came with a storm of protest from Lancaster High School students, parents, and residents. The local police had to assist the board at the meeting because hundreds of residents came to the meeting to voice their opposition. The small high school conference room could only accommodate 45 to 50 individuals due to fire code regulations many more wanted to hear this heated conversation to remove the R-Word from the Lancaster High School sports program.
The growing tide of resistance to the “Redskins” name went into the hills of Northern New York with another school leaving this awful name behind.
The School Board voted unanimously against the team name and logo. A new name will be instituted at the beginning of the school year 2015-2016. The logo was implemented immediately.
As the board met to discuss other issues such as the budget, the crowds of people removed from the meeting gathered in the hallways and in the front of the school building and chanted, “Let’s go Redskins, let’s go.”
Racism in America is dying a very slow ugly death and the Washington Football Club and its owner Dan Snyder are not helping. Members of this school board received threats if they changed or removed the name and logo.
For the past several years, it had been ordering school uniforms without the mascot’s name. Its new football scoreboard has no reference to it. And, according to the Buffalo News, last fall was the first time the mascot didn’t appear at a sporting event.
My, my, my have we progressed in the United States of America when it comes to racial issues when there is a person of darker hue currently sitting in the set of the presidency of the United States.
“We realize that traditions are sometimes hard to leave behind, but we do need to rethink traditions when they have become hurtful and perceived as disrespectful of others, even unintentionally,” said Superintendent Michael J. Vallely . It’s a message that sets an example we hope others will follow.
Then you have individuals that just don’t get it and never will as they try to use the Constitution to trample on minority rights.
“I think it’s awesome,” said businessman Kevin Snieszko, a 1991 graduate, who was among bystanders gathered by the administration building. “Finally, people are standing up for their First Amendment rights. It’s gone beyond a name now. People are getting sick of constantly being told what to do.”
Mr. Sniesko wants to keep the school name, mascot, and logo. He did not grow up African American, Latin American, Asian American, or Native American. He has no clue that this name is racist and insensitive to many Native Americans and he (Sniesko) could care less.
The District wanted to change the logo and mascot slowly but because of the mounting political pressure they made the move immediately.
The district quickly changed its mascot reference on its website, noting the district’s mission of pride, tradition, and spirit. The old logo has been replaced by a red “L” and a detailed explanation of the board’s resolution to drop the nickname appears.
The Lancaster School District made this move to quell the decent of other sports team in the district. The Lancaster Lacrosse team did not play many of their games this year because other teams would not come on the field with them. Other schools cite Lancaster’s nick-name as the reason for not having the contest. Lacrosse is a Native American sport and many in Northern New York that play this sport are Native American.
1) The Washington Football Club could be a shining example of racial harmony by changing their name.
2) School districts state and federal government should remove sports revenues from schools with the “Redskins” name. It may be a Civil Rights violation.
3) Lancaster High School parents and students should understand the emotional feelings of Native American New Yorkers playing the game their ancestors created.
4) The R-WORD only exists today because of the lack of political, economic, and social power. The power needed to influence local, state and federal government officials to change the name.
This is another small step to end the use of the R-WORD to describe a sports team
It Is Time. Thank you Board of Education Lancaster, New York. You have brightened my day as an African American-Native American/First Nation.
Then you have individuals like singers and songwriters (white- female) Zoe Guess and(Black-male) Emerson Windy that use Native American/First Nation images to their advantage and profit not knowing the religion, culture, or heritage. That’s another story for another time.
Special thanks to ABC 7 WKBW Buffalo, New York and The Washington Post
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network on Disabled Community Activist. Email at
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Animal House Gone Bad
Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ, also SAE) is one of the largest North American Greek-letter social college fraternities. It was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856.
Imitation has taken a seismic look at reality in this country with fraternities not respecting property, humanity, or other cultures. The recent events in Oklahoma are revolting.
These young men and women decided to sing a racist song over and over again on a bus ride to founder’s day, to FOUNDERS DAY.
They sang it as if nobody would notice or cared. They sang it like it had been sung before.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s traditional credo is “We Welcome True Gentleman”. This was not gentlemen-like and they used the N-Word repeatedly with the image of Black person hanging from a tree.
These are the words
“There will never be a N***** at SAE
You can hang them from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me”
This is a classic example of white male privilege running amuck and being tolerated. If these young (gentlemen as they want to call themselves) men were Black with the number of infractions (12) stated below this FRATERNITY would not exist.
Just boys being boys, RIGHT?
NO, it is time to stop this nonsense
Harlen Mckosato a Native American journalist writes:-
What’s especially concerning is that, in my opinion, these boys (and the other students) did not think that what they were chanting was racist – or that it would be exposed. They didn’t think that it was hurtful. That’s the part of white privilege that I’m not jealous of, but instead, what I’ve tried to make more people conscious of and sensitive to as a journalist in my professional career. Where does juvenile play end; and when do real mean actions and words begin?
The National Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ, also SAE) might think of disbanding the Kappa chapter because of their member’s insensitive activities on THAT bus THAT night. This is not the first incidence nor will it be the last.
THESE MALES DO NOT RESPECT the health OR well being of THEIR future members.
The question we all should all be asking is where did these young men get this song? We all know that answer.
Remember these young men will be our future CEO, bank officers, corporate presidents, police officers, lawyers, mayors, governors, and yes even President of the United States.
It is time for a change; the follow twelve incidents happened over the last twenty five years and that is from only one FRATERNITY in the United States.
This was the response by the Officials of SAE
Fraternity Headquarters Prepares for Hearing Process
March 14, 2015 | 2:00 pm CT
EVANSTON, IL – The Sigma Alpha Epsilon headquarters is preparing for the judicial process that will hear the case for suspended University of Oklahoma members. Our national governing laws dictate the procedures in all trial proceedings that determine membership sanctions, and our brothers have an opportunity to have their cases heard fairly and justly.
In the case of the University of Oklahoma chapter, our leadership has identified a special trial commission composed of impartial alumni who will hear each brother’s case. Those suspended members are given advanced notice of the date of proceedings and, during the trial, the men will have an opportunity to defend themselves and present information or facts for review. Members have a right for someone to represent them in their absence. As part of the proceedings, the commissioners will recommend to the board of directors one of several penalties, which include retaining the current suspension until their graduation or expulsion from the fraternity. The board will then vote on the commission’s recommendations.

Members also have the right to appeal the board’s sanctions, and appeals are heard by a separate, higher governing body. Sigma Alpha Epsilon remains committed to providing a positive membership experience and to addressing any behaviors that deviate from our morals, creed and values.

Individual members of SAE have already hired lawyers to adjudicate their cases.
In 1982 SAE members at the University of Cincinnati were suspended for a racially insensitive party corresponding with The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.
The founding chapter at the University of Alabama was suspended in 1988 on cocaine-trafficking charges and for violating the university’s code against drug use and trafficking.
The suspension was lifted in 1990, but with a checklist of improvement goals that the chapter was required to fulfill; in 1992, the chapter was suspended again for failing to meet the outlined goals.
In 1997, the Louisiana State University chapter was suspended after one member died from alcohol poisoning. One member was praised for rescuing more than a dozen of his passed out brothers from death by ferrying them to the nearest hospital single handedly.[citation needed]
In 2002, Syracuse University officials suspended the SAE chapter after a member appeared in blackface. The member was expelled from the university.
The chapter returned after the suspension and in 2006 was found guilty of hazing a new member by the university’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.
In 2013, SAE members at Washington University in St. Louis were suspended for singing racial slurs to African-American Students.
In 2014, a rape allegedly took place at an SAE party at Loyola Marymount University. The national organization reacted by closing the chapter.
In 2014, the chapter at Clemson University hosted a “Cripmas” party in reference to Southern California based African-American crips gang. The chapter “suspended all activity indefinitely”, according to the SAE national office.
Also, in 2014, SAE members at the University of Arizona were suspended for attacking Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish fraternity.
In October 2014, the University of Southern California chapter was closed for reportedly “violating members’ health and safety”.
In December 2014, Stanford University announced a two-year suspension of SAE housing due to reports of sexual harassment.
In January 2015, a victim was hospitalized following allegations of sexual assault at a party at a SAE Iowa State University party. The incident is under investigation by police and the chapter suspended the member suspected of the assault.
The Yale University chapter faces a ban against use of the university email and bulletin board system as well as association of the fraternity name and the university following “inappropriate comments” made by SAE members.
This is Animal House running amuck and they received messages from the classic movie that its o.k. to act this way.
Animal House was a 1978 American comedy film directed by John Landis. The film was a direct spinoff from National Lampoon magazine. It is about a misfit group of fraternity members who challenge the dean of Faber College.
John Belushi, the main character and his classmates, tore down house doors, broke windows, and threw food, clothes, and each other.
This was the early blueprint of what is going on in campuses throughout the country today.
Fraternities go to hotels and motels and trash them; they still drink until they pass out and they still disrespect young women by have un-consensual sex on fraternity or campus grounds.
Special thanks to Wikipedia, SAE web page, Yahoo, Facebook, The Huffington Post,
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network on Disabled Community Activist. Email at
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Gary Norris Gray- BASN Staff Reporter
The last time the Bay Area had a National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship this writer was a freshman studying hard to become a sophomore at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, it was the spring of 1975. They had a very colorful team with abundance of talent. Players like Center Nate Thurman, Jeff Mullins, Jamaal Wilkes, Phil Smith, and Rick Barry.
In the summer of 2015 it could be happening all over again with another group of talented basketball players like Center Andrew Bogut, Guard-Stephen Curry, Guard Klay Thompson, guard-forward Andre Iguodala and forward Harrison Barnes . It’s fun to watch this wide open basketball style similar to the Golden State Warriors of 1975.
The Warriors were created in 1946 in the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Warriors became a charter member of the Basketball Association of America with their first owner Peter Tyrrell. The BAA became the National Basketball Association in 1950. Philadelphia Warriors 1961-1962 15
The Philadelphia Warriors drew instant fame by winning the league’s first championship with Joe Falks their leading scorer. They won the Western Title the following year and lost to the Baltimore Bullets 4 games to 2.
Nine years later the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Fort Wayne Pistons four games to one to win their first NBA Title and 2nd professional basketball title. It would be the last one for another nineteen years and a west coast home.
The Warriors abandoned the basketball dribbling and smiling Native American mascot and logo for a more majestic and serious Native American Indian head in 1962. The San Francisco team placed the new Indian head logo on their warm-ups over their hearts. It was as if the team was honoring the Native American population.
This team moved from the east coast to the west coast and had their ups and downs. They had fights with players like Rick Barry over contracts, had fights with coaches over their playing styles, Don Nelson (twice), Mark Jackson, and just had fights in practice with Latrell Sprewell choking the head coach P.J. Carlesimo.
The Warriors played in Oakland and San Jose until the new Oakland Alameda County Coliseum opened outside of center city, Oakland, California. This team would be the only team to play in three cities in one year, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Thus the name Golden State.
It seems like this team always came in second place and struggled in Northern California. They loss two more championships but continue to make NBA history. Wilt Chamberlin still holds the scoring record with 100 points. It was ironic that the second leading Warrior scorer was Alvin Attles with 17 points. Both will be linked to NBA history.
This team had 7 different logos 3 mascots, 14 uniforms, 9 owners and 22 head coaches. The San Francisco-Golden State Warriors were the only team in the league with white tennis shoes. That convinced me to be one of their fans.
This team had only one owner until Mr. Franklin Mieuli stepped down. In 1962 The San Francisco-Golden State Warriors moved to the Cow Palace in Daly City, South San Francisco playing there 10 years. They acquired a new flamboyant owner, Mieuli from 1962 until 1986. Mieuli wore his famous brown private investigator hat tried to get the best players on the floor enabled the team to entered the playoffs multiple times.
The Golden State Warriors went into free fall after the Mieuli ownership. Jim Fitzgerald was chairman of the Milwaukee Bucks until 1985, when the team was sold to Herb Kohl, a former U.S. Senator. In 1986, Fitzgerald and Dan Finnane, also been involved with the Bucks, took over the Golden State Warriors, which they owned through 1995. At the time he owned each of these teams, Fitzgerald had only a “handshake agreement” with Don Nelson, head coach of both teams in turn, not a contract, an arrangement which reflected the friendship and trust between them. In an era of lawsuits and countersuits, this “contract” was unique in professional sports.
Co-owner Christopher Cohan tried to destroy this historic franchise with confusing trades and strange hiring’s. He finally sold the team in July 2010. The Bay Area almost lost this team twice under the leadership of Cohan.
In May 2009, an unnamed editorial writer in Sports Illustrated listed the top ten best and worst owners of basketball teams in his opinion, ranking Cohan as 4th worst. He criticized Cohan for sticking with Coach Nelson as part of the Warriors’ generally poor performance apart from their 2007 playoff first-round upset of the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks. He pointed out that Golden State was repeatedly rebuilding without much success.
Head coach and General Manager Don Nelson thought he was the star of the show. Nelson thought he was the attraction that fans came to see not the players. It all came to a head in 1995 when Rookie of the Year, Center Chris Webber and forward Letrell Sprewell could not see eye to eye with head Coach Nelson. All three individuals would all leave Oakland that following season.
Don Nelson would return to Oakland in 2007-2010 with the goal of getting the record for most coaching wins (1,335) in the NBA passing the great Lenny Wilkins of the Seattle SuperSonics. Nelson also has the dubious record for the NBA most coaching losses 1,063, which nobody talks about that.

The Warriors are basketball’s Cleveland Indians with Larry Doby. Golden State had the 2nd African American coach from a (HBCU) Historically Black College and University, North Carolina A & T University, Alvin Attles. Attles became the 2nd African American coach to win NBA Title in 1975. Al Attles moved up after two years of coaching to become the General Manager and the longest tendered employee in the NBA. It will be 55 years this summer. Attles had his Aggie number 22 retired in Greensboro, North Carolina.
The first African American coach and NBA Champion was Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics in 1962. Lenny Wilkins became the third Black coach to win with the Seattle SuperSonics in 1979.
The Warriors won Western Conference titles multiple years but could not win the NBA title. They lost to the Boston Celtics for the championship in 1964 with the rookie Nate Thurman. Golden State used the first version of the twin towers offense with Wilt Chamberlin and Nate Thurman.
The Philadelphia Seventy Sixers and The Warriors played a six game series in 1967. That big tall center and ex-teammate would haunt them after the trade to Philadelphia. Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlin and the Sixers won the NBA Title in 1967. The future still looked bright for the Warriors with a young skinny shooting forward-guard named Rick Barry from Elizabeth, New Jersey and a University of Miami graduate. It would not last long as the growing feud between management and Barry continued. Mr. Barry bolted to the new American Basketball Association, Oakland Oaks.
This was the first NBA team to be named after a state. The Organization wanted to move away from the Indian head logo and did so in 1971. The team also dropped the famous trolley cars on the back of their uniforms that same year and added the state of California on the front like Major League Baseball’s California Angels.

Today they wear the new Bay Bridge span on the front of their jersey with multi colored uniforms that remind fans of the old Philadelphia Warriors. In 2008 Golden State dropped the Thunder logo adopted in 1997. The Warriors had to leave the Thunder mascot behind because the Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City to become The Thunder. Golden State gave up their copyrights to that name and logo without a fight.
Today the Golden State Warriors have a new team, a new Arena a new logo in 2015, a new vision. This started five years ago when the Warrior management hired Mark Jackson as head coach. Jackson never was a head coach so it was a work in progress. Jackson put on the hat and improved this franchise. Jackson taught this team how to play New York Knick style defense and it worked.
The building blocks were being put in place in 2011. Jackson learned this tough defense from his Eastern Conference Championship days in New York and Indiana. The Warriors went to the playoffs in back to back years that had not happened since 1994-95.
When Jackson took the helm in 2011, the franchise had made the playoffs only one time over the prior 17 seasons, averaging only 30.2 wins per year during that period. Jackson, 49, became just the third head coach in franchise history to lead a team to at least 50 wins in a season, joining Don Nelson and Alvin Attles, who both hit the mark twice with the Warriors. With 121 wins overall, Jackson ranks fourth on the franchise’s all-time wins list, trailing Attles (557), Nelson (422) and Eddie Gottlieb (263)
Jackson still does not get the credit for turning this losing battleship around, for getting the players to believe in themselves and that they could win with hard work. Jackson created a winning culture in Oracle Arena.
The new Splash Brothers were born. With guard/forward, Klay Thompson and guard Stephen Curry finally rewarding the loyal Warrior fan following with victories, and playoff wins.
Jackson could not get this young team pass the second round and those pesky robotic San Antonio Spurs. The Golden State management wanted a title now. Many thought Jackson was not the man because of his inexperience as head coach and his stubbornness to stay with old offensive plays. Those same individuals stated he won because of the talent on the floor. It cost him his job. Jackson did what most young African American coaches had done in the past, resurrect and fix a flawed franchise.
Jackson’s undoing was his rift with two assist coaches which continued to grow until Brian Scalabrine resigned and Darren Erman firing for the differences of philosophies.
On May 6 The Warrior management relieved Jackson of his coaching duties. Many players were not happy with this decision because Jackson was a player’s coach and a man they could talk to about problems on and off the floor. Others believed that he was let go because of his spiritual life and unwillingness to give up his religious doctrine. Others stated the rift happened because of the open gay/lesbian policies of the new Warrior organization.
The Warriors moved swiftly to replace Jackson with the stroke of genius hiring Steve Kerr. Kerr who played point guard for the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. Mr. Kerr turned down the New York Knick offer a few weeks earlier and walked into a gold mine of talent in Oakland. He could work with Oakland’s superstar shooting guards Stephen Curry and Kay Thompson.
This team went 42-7 in 2015 before the All Star Game, the best record in the NBA. Bay Area fans are now having open discussions about a Golden State Warrior NBA Championship.

Stephen Curry hit four triple doubles this year a record for the Warriors franchise and the season is not over yet with just under twenty games left. With Marc Jackson’s New York Knick defense and Steve Kerr’s San Antonio Spur offensive they are good to go. The Golden State Warriors currently play a spread offense which put pressure on the other team’s defense. The Warriors are always cutting toward the basket, with players throwing the ball back out over the three point line for easy jump shots, this is the way the Warrior offense works. It is fun to watch.
This team has shutdown the high scoring Portland Trailblazers, Houston Rockets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Clippers with their clamp-down defense. This is also fun to watch.
Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network on Disabled Community Activist. Email at
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By Gary Norris Gray
BASN Staff Writer
OAKLAND (BASN): The City of Brotherly Love – when it comes to race and sports, the love is not there…or is it? This was and still is the legacy of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ignoring their famous Black sports icons. Philadelphia’s sports teams continue to stumble and bumble its way through race relations. The City is starving for another professional championship, it will not happen soon because the management will not pay for a championship.
The Seventy Sixers won the NBA title in 1983, The Phillies won the World Series in 2008, The Eagles last appearance in the Super Bowl in 2004 and their last NFL championship was in 1960. The Flyers held Lord Stanley’s Cup in 1974 and 1975 with the last conference championship in 2009-2010.
This city erected a statue of the movie box office smash hit, Rocky. The same city had the real Heavyweight Champion of The World living in their town – Smokin’ Joe Frazier. The movie was filmed in the city of Philadelphia.
The Philadelphia 76ers had many Black Super Heroes but people outside of the Tri-State Area would never know it. Let’s travel back in time with Number Six – with the big afro and the sky dunk? The man who made house calls in the Spectrum, Julius “The Doctor” Erving.
What about the “Big Dipper” Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlin? Can’t forget “4-5-4″ Moses Malone or the toughest little guard to ever hit the floor in the NBA, Allen “Practice” Iverson. Yes, we have to include the Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley. To this day only “The Doctor” gains respect in this city.

The Phillies had their African American stars too, but they never captured the hearts and minds of Philadelphia. Shortstop John Kennedy went on the field in 1957 being the first Black player to wear the Phillies red and white.
My favorite Phillie was First basemen, third basemen, and outfielder, Dick Allen who got ran out of town because he owned race horses in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
He got ran out of town because he was not the right color. Allen was the first African American baseball superstar in Philadelphia. Allen would be the last. This town called the Dodger Hall of Fame shortstop Jackie Robinson the N-Word. Allen had good company and the Tri-state newspapers would not let up.
Arcel Moore wrote “Black baseball fans of my generation remember the contemptuous treatment of Dick Allen, the slugging third baseman whom the team eventually traded. Other than Allen, the Phillies have never developed a black superstar”.
Outfielders Gary ‘Sarge’ Matthews and Garry Maddox put on Phillie red and won divisional championships; Maddox an integral part of the 1980 World Series Championship team was recognized league wide as arguably the best defensive centerfielder of his era; but you wouldn’t know it by the VHS tape of that team’s success.
New York Mets announcer Lindsey Nelson’s famous analysis of Maddox’ skills (“The Earth is covered by two–thirds water; the other third by Garry Maddox!”) and Matthews led the 1983 League Champion – but both players are still just footnotes in Phillie history.
Pitchers, reliever Al Holland and starter Charles Hudson were at the end of their careers and of course cannot forget the brief appearance of all star infielder Joe Morgan of the Wheeze Kids Era.

This football team integrated in 1952 with running backs Ralph Goldston and Don Stevens. They were ahead of the curve hiring Ray Rhodes, their first African American head coach. He guided two teams to the playoffs; but it was not enough because he (Rhodes) did not win the Super Bowl.
The Eagles were the first team to carry two Black quarterbacks on the roster in the same season. Rodney Peete and Randal Cunningham guided The Birds to victory. Nobody can forget the minister of defense Reggie White. White got shipped out of the city to The Green Bay Packers when free agent talks started.
The Flyers also have brothers on the ice with goalie All Star Ray Emery, right winger Pierre – Edouard Bellemare, and left winger Donald Brashear, Sandy McCarthy right winger, and Claude Vilgrain right winger.
Right winger Wayne “Spider” Simmonds has played in the tradition of great Flyer grinders like Gary Dornhofer, Tim Kerr, Rick Tocchet and John LeClair. Currently the team leader in goals, one could make the argument that Simmonds could well be team MVP with his flexibility to perform on every line and make other players better around him. He is the closest thing to a well – respected Black athlete in this city.
MY, MY, MY have times have changed in the Northeast City.
The Eagles football organization two years ago hired a head coach that did not have professional coaching experience. (WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ROONEY RULE?) They hired a head coach that did not back his African American players in college.
The ugly 2009 incident with a Black running back LeGarrette Blount knocked out a white Boise State linebacker Byron Haut. Blount got suspended for four games. This caught national attention but the incident still has not been clarified by Mr. Chip Kelly. THE N-Word was used by Bronco linebacker Haut; confirmed by BASN in a previous column by Michael – Louis Ingram. Haut was not punished for his taunting by the NCAA or the team as far as we know.
This is Philadelphia’s legacy with Head Coach Chip Kelly working at the University of Oregon came with him to the City of Brotherly Love. When the NCAA started investigating the recruiting policies at Eugene, Oregon, Kelly bolted to Philadelphia.
The Eagles organization hired a man that wanted to change the rules of the National Football League by speeding up the game; lauded by some as revolutionary. One major flaw – it’s been done. Every team in the Canadian Football League has 20 seconds to get off an offensive play – at least 2.2 seconds on average faster than this so – called “new’ offense. It scored points – but didn’t win a football championship. Chip had his own agenda. The Eagles have suffered through two years of this kind of leadership. The fraud is on at Lincoln Financial Field. Beware of the individuals who want complete power and control.
The Eagles will not see another African American quarterback in the distant future. Randall Cunningham, Rodney Peete, Donovan McNabb, and Michael Vick may have been the limit for this northeast city.
Randall Cunningham got run out of town to Minnesota where the Vikings went to the NFC Championship in 1998 with his best season 15-1 record. The Eagles stated that Randall could not run. Number 12 put that to rest with playoff victories in Minnesota.
McNabb got chased and shipped to Washington after the Eagles went to four straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. If the organization had signed all pro receivers like Terrell Owens (and paid him his money) the Green Birds would have at least won a couple Super Bowls in the McNabb era.

Trying to win a championship on the cheap gets you nowhere and the Eagle management has profited from this business art form. This is Money Ball Football Style.
Wide receiver Terrell Owens made that clear with his press conference informing the Philadelphia fan base about this business practice. Mr. Owens at that time was the only credible receiver in green and white. Owens told the press these facts and was let go. The truth hurts and nobody took him seriously. Within months Owens and McNabb were wearing different uniforms.
The Philadelphia Eagles have not learned yet.
The Eagles then signed suspended star QB Michael Vick in 2009 infuriating Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners who wanted to keep this talented quarterback out of the league. The football establishment wanted Vick to suffer; the Eagles dismantled that idea by signing Number Seven.
Vick still had the great quarterback skills to direct any team to a championship but injuries began to creep in and hamper his mobility. Philadelphia finished the 2011 season with an 8–8 record.
The team began with a 4–8 record before winning four games in a row to finish the season. The final game of the season was a 34–10 victory on January 1, 2012 at home against The Washington Football Club. Vick completed 24 of his 39 passes for 335 yards and three touchdowns.
The Philadelphia Eagles may have other ethical issues with their head coach and players. The organization outsourced a 2015 calendar with an Eagle player featured each month. Wide receiver Riley Cooper was the featured player for the month of February. February is Black History Month and Cooper should have been the last person for that month.
Riley Cooper, Damaris JohnsonMr. Riley “I’ll fight all of you N***** in here”, Cooper on the Eagles 2015 calendar, that’s not the problem, but to put him on Black History Month, REALLY, What were they thinking?
Are you telling African American Eagle fans that the football administration did not see this? That nobody questioned this stupid act or was it a clear mistake of omission? Or are they saying we don’t care about African American fans. You never know in Philadelphia.
But for all African American Eagle fans you better start questioning your team’s administrative decisions.
This is the same team that ran their best receiver DeSean Jackson out of town. Then the organization trashed the young man with baseless allegations to gang ties, thug and bad behavior, and also being arrogant. All of these allegations were NEVER PROVEN!!!!
Question, why these issues never surfaced before his release? Teammates did not have problems with Mr. Jackson. So what is the real deal? Maybe the Eagle organization did not want to pay Jackson who would have been a free agent.
Jackson gave time, money, and friendship to many children’s organizations year after year in the Philadelphia Area … THAT WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN THE PHILLY RANT.
Then Michael Vick moves to the New York Jets reminding many of the good old days in the city of Brotherly Love.
The question should be asked where are the top Black Eagle executives on these issues…hell, where are the top Black executives?
This organization is a mess and it has created division within the Eagles organization and this team will not win another championship with this kind of nonsense going on in the locker room.

3. The Philadelphia Flyers are the only bright spot in the city. They have the best scoring forward in the National Hockey League but hockey fans in Philadelphia will never admit it. He is the wrong color. Wayne Simmonds embodied the historical “BROAD STREET BULLIES” style of hockey.
The Orange and Black were a shell of a hockey team with Goal Brother, right winger, Wayne Simmonds guiding them through the months of October, November, and December. While teammates Claude Giroux and Jacob Voracek flashed talent early on, the Flyers were still in last place while waiting the other members of the team finally got it together.
The other Flyers finally remembered how to skate and score goals. Simmonds led the team in hits and scoring chances those difficult months. He has 24 goals with 18 assist and a nine game scoring streak. It would have been 14 straight but the New York Islanders shut him down on February 5.
The Flyers are now in the playoff hunt with over 20 games left in the season as the beat the Washington Capitals 2-1 Sunday afternoon. The Flyers play another nationally telecast game on Sunday March 1st against their heated rival New York Rangers.
The Phillies once the pride of the city winning five straight divisional titles and a World Series will not be going anywhere in 2015. The Phillies released their star shortstop, brother, Jimmy Rollins over the winter to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

There are only two African Americans remaining on the team outfielder Domonic Brown and first basemen Ryan Howard. Howard might not be wearing a Philly red uniform much longer if he gets off to a bad start this spring.
The rebuilding program has started as devoted fans will suffer through another season of losing and while the coaching staff searches for the right combination.
This winter right hander A.J. Burnett went to the Pittsburgh Pirates and pitcher Kyle Kendrick went to the Colorado Rockies outfielder Marlon Byrd traveled to Cincinnati; while teammate lefthander Antonio Bastardo joined Burnett in Pittsburgh.
Starting pitcher Cole Hamels started this year by complaining that he wanted out of Philly because they are not going to win. If I’m the general manager Hamels would be on the last train to Clarksville because you can’t have him influencing the young players.

The Sixers have been the joke of the league the past two years. This will be year number three. Other teams love to play there because they know they can pad their statistics and get a paid vacation in the middle of winter.
This past week the Sixer organization traded players as if it were in a Monopoly Game getting nothing in return but hopes of eight first round draft choices. This Sixers team entered 2015 with the most losses the past two years and counting to keep that lead this year. Tanking has become an art form at Wachovia Center on Broad Street.
The confusing Philadelphia 76ers did it again this past week with the recent moves of general manager Sam Hinkie. This time he traded reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Sixers got a protected 2015 first round pick from the Suns via the Los Angeles Lakers. That pick is top-five protected this year.

Hinkie also traded talented rookie forward K.J. McDaniels to the Houston Rockets for seldom-used guard Isaiah Canaan and a second-round pick. McDaniels’ mother, Shawn Chapman McDaniels, also is probably happy with her son being traded – she had heckled the team at games. The Sixers also acquired often-injured and eccentric center JaVale McGee from the Denver Nuggets.

Tuesday night February 24th, the Sixers had to claim a player to reach the league minimum salary limit. Man, talk about cheap this is it. Thomas Robertson from the Portland Trailblazers will be wearing Philadelphia colors Wednesday night.
If the Sixers goal was to get under the salary cap they have done that for the third straight year. There will be more Sixers lottery balls in the hopper this July at Madison Square Garden. This will be the third year in a row at the number one draft pick.


So at the mid 2000′s decade mark Philly sports fans are trying to find sunlight and joy with their four professional teams. The young players in Phillie, Eagle, Flyer, and Sixer uniforms might bring a championship to the city of Brotherly Love in about five, six or seven years.

Maybe if these organizations insert the best players on the field, diamond, court, or ice there would be a celebration victory parade down Market Street. If these organizations abandon their inherent racial bias a championship could be near.

But then again IT’S PHILADELPHIA!!!!

African American fans might be questioning if these organizations really want to win by chasing Black stars out of town-REPEAT-REPEAT-REPEAT-REPEAT.

Special thanks to Yahoo Sports, Wikipedia, and BASN web sites for the information.

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